Chris Brown Said “Gay Fans What?” (He Got Better Straight Events To Attend)

tumblr_nkcqrmMn3V1rezz7wo1_500i hope the foxhole didn’t pay to see chris brown at atl pride this weekend.
he said “fuck ya’ll” that night.
well he was a no show.
not only that,
he allegedly took the money they paid him.
the ga voice had the story…

Chris Brown doesn’t give a damn about his gay fans.

Brown failed to show up at The Georgia Freight Depot nightclub as thousands of his fans waited to see the ‘Loyal’ singer at his scheduled Saturday appearance during Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend. The event, sponsored by Traxx Girls, a lesbian owned and operated entertainment company, was billed as the “biggest girl party in the country with over 4,000 women in attendance.” Brown, who was also in Atlanta to perform on his ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour’ at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, had been prominently displayed in the center of Traxx Girls flyers promoting the event, but when the time came for Brown to fulfill his contractual obligations he bailed along with the fee he was paid by Traxx Girls as a retainer. The reason: of the estimated 4,000 women in attendance, Brown refused to enter the building once he learned that a handful of gay men were present.

Melissa Scott, party promoter and founder of Traxx Girls, tells Georgia Voice she’s “baffled” by the entire turn of events.

“I think it’s unfortunate for mainstream artists to take people’s money with the complete prior knowledge of knowing what the event is and being very clear about what the event is about. I’m completely baffled. You know it’s gay pride. You knew you agreed when you sent the contract in and took the money.”

Scott says she knew there was “trouble in paradise” when she and Brown’s team were exchanging text messages (which were verified by Georgia Voice) at 2am and he still hadn’t arrived at the venue.

“I was being told to take his (Brown’s) image down because he looks a little feminine in that image, an image that he took. As a promoter I should be focused on my crowd. I had to send text messages of pictures of my crowd to say, there’s nothing but girls in here man.”

chrisbrownBrown was not scheduled to perform at the Traxx Girls event but had agreed to introduce R&B singer Teyana Taylor prior to her set. Taylor is currently on the road with Brown as one of his opening acts on the ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour.’  Scott was able to secure popular rapper Fetty Wap, also on tour with Brown, as a last minute replacement after Brown’s fragile masculinity stood in the way of making an appearance for his gay and lesbian fans.

“We called Fetty Wap who is the hottest artist in the country right now and he was five minutes away (from the venue) and asked him if he could come,” says Scott. He said “hell yeah!” I said it’s a gay party.  It’s tons of people here. He said he didn’t care and was on his way.”

“It broke my heart to do that to my crowd. Some people flew in from LA. I had 100 girls who flew in from the UK to hang out with this guy in an environment they’re comfortable in”, says Scott.

Here’s the message to Brown’s gay fans: support artists who support you. 

tumblr_m3df3vHVXV1rseij1o1_500well he was in atl,
because he went to a couple luda day events.
so how does he handle the industry?
isn’t his stylist gay?
karrueche had a ton of gay friends he took pictures with.
how does he work in an industry where he is surrounded by gays/bi?
hell half the r&b singers/rappers he be with have a ton of gay rumors.
i don’t get him at all.

tumblr_mhvu1geF7M1qcyv1eo1_250maybe he didn’t realize boys would show up?
i guess “black atl pride” didn’t tip him off enough.

lowkey: i almost believed he would have shown up too.
i’m slippin.
kudos to fetty wap for a brand new fan base.
i’m waiting to see what stan will cape for this.

they annoyed him by sending too much texts!
thats why he didn’t show up!
they shoulda waited for him to reply!”

i wish i could interview him.
i already got 20+ questions on stand by.

article taken: the ga voice

23 thoughts on “Chris Brown Said “Gay Fans What?” (He Got Better Straight Events To Attend)

  1. This is very interesting to me though. Don’t R/B artist know that Gay, Straight , Black, White, Latino, Asian people all listen to the same music. Why don’t ignorant people like him realize that YOUR FANS MAKE YOU. IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE FANS YOU WILL BE NOTHING!!!!!

  2. I’ve never liked CB lol. My prior posts in this site can attest to this. He has always been full of sh*t to me. I used to feel bad for him in the past every time he was penalized for the Rihanna situation because everyone makes one mistake in their life and I felt it was wrong for him to keep getting punished for it & I believed that he was trying to change but that went out the window for me years ago. You can tell he’s just an immature idiot who likes to get up to no good and try to play innocent when he is caught. Look at the way he came at Tyson Beckford just for taking a picture with his EX. This fool is beyond crazy #StayWokePeople

  3. I never liked him. I liked four of his songs over the years & that’s. Sorry if I sound judge mental when I say this but he comes off as fake to me, just like a few others I won’t name.

    Majority of these fools turn their noses up at gay “men” anyway so they don’t deserve any support from gays and even some women.

    Chris Brown, whether closeted or not is full of issues, an attention whore & IMO doest have a savvy appearance. That’s just me though.

    That’s just me. I use to like the cool, quiet dancer him but this mess he turned into….sigh.

  4. Chris Brown is like that friend you defend to the end even though in the back of your mind you know they aint shit but you still got love for them, but its hard to let go. I am guilty of defending this Ninja behavior in the past on the foxhole and this Ninja wouldnt spit on me if I was on fire if he knew I was gay. Well he is going to learn the first rule in entertainment that there are no more loyal fans than the gays. Ask Aretha, Diana, Patti, Cher, Bette, Mariah, Janet, Barbara, and of course Queen B Beyonce, these ladies will always eat thank to their gay fans, when nobody else will buy their music, the gay fan base will and will spend good money to see them. All money is green no matter who holds on to it. Your career is going to be banished to Chitlin Circuit Hell pulling these stunts, you are going to be lucky to play a Crackhead in a Tyler Perry stage play when it is all said and done. When the gay mafia comes for your head be ready because those bitches show no mercy. I think rapper Travis Scott, dont really know who that is, but allegedly he made some gay slurs this weekend during a show and he now backtracking and apologizing.

    If we admit the truth to ourselves, most of these str8 dudes we lust after in entertainment, modeling and sports are big haters of us and could care less if we were dead, they like our money of course but they will not give us the time of day. Most of them eventually show their true colors and many of us give them chance after chance because they are attractive to us even defending some of their homophobic behavior, trying to rationalize that its not that bad. The White gays are not having it, and in the end these same Ninjas end up doing things with their communities when they get into hot water, still leaving the minority gay community behind. I am sure Chris Brown will be on some gay pride float next year for a White group trying to save his image. The best thing we can do is hold on to our money and not support these haters. You cant control what they do and say, but you can control what you pay. Bye pineapple, you gone learn today.

    1. They can do this because we (many black LGBT) are programmed to put them (black straight men) on a pedestal. We’re so in love with the idea of them that we will forgive any and every fault of theirs and rarely hold them accountable for anything.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me one bit, there are guys out here (especially young black men) who think like this. He shouldn’t have taken the money if he wasn’t going to come but I don’t expect anything less from him at this point. If I was the even coordinator I would have had a Plan B in my pocket just in case something like this happen knowing who I’m dealing with.

  6. He loves his gay (female) fans,I guess.I am sure he (his publicist)will tweet there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

    BTW besides Karrueche having many gay friends,her father is gay.

  7. I’m 100% with that message (Support artists who support you) he could never get a cent from me far less smell any of my playlists, I hope they carry him to court

    1. ^i bought all his music too.
      i could say I was a fan.
      hell I woulda rode that dack too.

      he showed me who is he so ima believe it.
      hell hasn’t he always been with the antics?

      1. Yup Him, Omarion, Trey Songz …I’m no longer interested. ..their music is redundant anywayz and their time will soon be up

      2. ^^ agreed. This is why I am very choosy about who I invest my money in. Im not putting in my$12 iTunes money to you if you’re going to run around and be a clown and disrespect a whole demographic with it, acting like he deserves a dime from anybody! Nope! Not my money!
        They ARE redundant too!

  8. Lol no surprise, some the delusional gay dudes that go so hard for niggas like him needed that reality check. Impressed by Fetty tho.

  9. Closet case. I remember a former friend of mine would show up everywhere I was with the straights and immediately it would click once they met him. I would them get prepared for the inevitable “are you gay?” Chris has that birds of a feather mentality. And as much as we love to say “if you’re secure in your manhood, it’s not a problem”. We all know how judgemental people are. Taking the money though? Negroidian practices.

    1. ^the money part is what was the icing for me.
      he could have turned it down at the last minute and given back their deposit.
      even if he had to do a white lie.

    1. ^shame because i thought he changed.
      he seemed more open.
      he had his daughter and he seemed he was moving in a better direction.

      he said:

      “naw pineapple!
      don’t get comfortable!”

      1. His daughter didn’t change him. Again, he’s using his daughter as publicity stunt to get back in the good graces of the public. An act.
        For him, she’s just a prop.
        I saw the pictures with him at some event and laughed.
        Sorry, but I don’t buy Chris’s sincerity.
        He’s an idiot. That’s not changing any time soon.
        Am I surprised that he didn’t show up to a gay event? Nothing surprises me about this jackal. He’s a clown.

    2. @Dignified if THAT ain’t the truth then I don’t know what is. Chris always uses his daughter as damage control when he gets into some BS. Even after his twiiter/IG spats he then immediately posts a picture up of his daughter to try and save face. He is such a loser lol. I don’t know why gay dudes even support him when he’s made it publicly clear before that he doesn’t eff with us. The same goes for a lot of these other rappers.

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