You Will Rise From The Ashes (New Season)

tumblr_mg5qyqy5v51rdtdoho1_500_zps054345faa new season always calls for a new start.
i have been wanting to start fresh for a while.
the only problem is:

i don’t know how

i feel like there is something inside trying to come out.
its this feeling of power that i know right now,
i wouldn’t be able to control.
i have to get a hold of what i’m dealing with first.
so i decided that these new season will start from the ashes.
i have decided to start destroying everything that is no good…

the emotions
the depression
the hurt
the pain
the procrastination
the “not good enough”

the “in between blessings”

i’m way too down.
i’m down,
but i’m welcoming this change.
i want to be back in control.
i want my power back.
i want to turn the tables.
so i decided this new season will be called…


…just the fox version.

FireFox-4eae8759353bcsomething in my spirit told me to go in this direction.
as i researched,
i came across this about the phoenix on wiki:

“In Greek mythology, a phoenix or “phenix” is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. According to some sources, the phoenix dies in a show of flames and combustion, although there are other sources that claim that the legendary bird dies and simply decomposes before being born again.”

this sounds like the story of my life these last few months.
so this season will be me working on:

Let things happen.
Give up trying to control.
Don’t pretend i know what i don’t know.
Stay close to what i know is true in the moment.
Feeling bad isn’t wrong – it’s just how things are sometimes.
Take good care of myself.
Engage with others.
Reach out for support.
When the time is right, feel the emotions.
Get perspective – learn what not to do next time.

i am working on killing off the bad things,
so i can rise from beyond the ashes and light this muthafucka up.
tumblr_lksm7iWDa71qfaf4lo1_500care to join me?

lowkey: self help books,
law of attraction,
abraham hicks,
and a swift make over are the study guides under the ashes.
you’ll know when i rise.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “You Will Rise From The Ashes (New Season)”

    1. ^you feel me?

      it’s time to change.
      i always liked phoenix in the x men comics.
      even tho she was bad,
      she was one of the most powerful characters.
      ive been sleeping on my own power.
      i desperately want to change so
      Why not now?

        1. ^I LOVE THIS!!!
          that is me in a nutshell.
          when i say something inside told me to use the “phoenix” as the back drop for the new season.
          you’re comment was spot on.

      1. Your beginning to unlock keys to your happiness. When you know who you are and the power you have you can then live the life you were meant to live. Kinda like Simba. Simba grew up with hyenas eating worms because he didn’t reslize who he really was. He wanted to be king but didn’t realize it was already within him. He waa always king..he just didn’t have tge title until a certain point in time

        1. ^tony.
          you are speaking to me today.
          im literally over here in tears.
          i feel like life has suddenly opened up.
          i was so down these last few months.
          today I feel like I want my power back.
          i want to wear the crown and not look like someone told me this was a good idea.
          i am grateful you took the time to reach out to me today.

          forever grateful.

  1. I’ve been watching your journey man. Thanks for allowing us to enter into your “pre reign” and part of your kingdom. Nothing can stop you but you

    1. There are alot of people depending on you being who you really are that will change not only your life but so many others. Just in the posts you have written I can tell you have alot of power and influence that you aren’t aware nor using ..from work wolf who has basically given you the just won’t drive
      To tge she bitches at work who tries to stop you but only made you stronger….rise up!

      1. ^its funny how I thought being so vulnerable,
        and laying it all the table,
        was the wrong move before.
        i get so many emails from people who are alive because they can relate.
        it blows me away the dent I have made in others lives.
        i personally try to reach other to those who are in the valleys of their lives.
        trust me when I say I know what it’s like to be alone with no one to talk to.

  2. Jamari.. I am so glad you posted this. I feel like I have been going through the same thing (It must be a Gemini thing. lol ). It is time to let go of the old and prepare and embrace the newness that is about to surface.

    1. ^rise omar.
      look deep inside for your fire.
      you burned on the outside,
      but so are the flames within.
      time to channel your power correctly and set people ablaze.

      research phoenix and you will get the right idea.

      1. Yup. That’s what we do
        ..kero the fire outside burning everyone and everything around us until we realize that fire from within is much more powerful and can have a greater impact

  3. I love the concept of the phoenix! Next to angels, phoenixes are my favourite mythical creature so-to-speak, because I love the idea of it, and what it represents.

    I love what you said about letting go of these things. These are a lot of things that the foxhole has been telling you all year, I’m glad you’re hearing the messages and its adding up! You are in the period of growth. You’re in the metamorphosis stage right now, you will bloom, and you will see that most of the things that you have been fretting over, were a waste of your valuable time.
    That is the point when you will have become a phoenix!
    I like where your mind is going Jamari, you’re on the right track! I’ve noticed in your writing that your thoughts are shifting in the right direction. You may not see it but you ARE changing.

    1. ^thank you d!
      maybe that’s why the universe directed me to the phoenix.
      the more I read about it,
      the more intrigued I become.

      thank you for noticing the change ive been going through.
      i am working towards opening my eyes and looking within.
      that fire underneath is burning and I want to be able to control
      what finally emerges.

  4. Kendra: Rise up! Rise up, JaPhenix, rise up!!!!!!
    Say goodbye to Jamari Fox and say hello to JaPhenix
    But seriously tho you can’t change who you are, but you can mature and become wiser.

  5. 🙂 This warms my heart. I’m going to email u my personal story with why I chose my s/n. I’ve been catching up and you’ve risen like a phoenix and I couldn’t be prouder. Keep rising my friend.


    I love the Phoenix (the creature from mythology and the x-men version ). I’m glad you’re applying it to your bew season of change. No matter how many times it dies it rises up from the ashes and starts anew, that’s the kind of thinking we need. No matter how many mistakes we make in this journey, tomorrow is another day.

    You’re not the only one who’s been thinking of a change. It’s been back and forth on my mind in the past weeks. I want a whole new me mentally and physically. I’ve been so lazy with school, saving money, and just getting out more. I’ve been so tired I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks and haven’t been eating the big meals and taking my protein shakes to gain the weight I’m Trying to gain.

    No more! It’s time for something new I need a boost of confidence and motivation.

    P.S. Jean grey and Storm are my favorite x-men characters. I love how with Jean she started off as A damsel in distress, character but involvement to one of the most powerful if not not The most powerful mutant of whole X-Men landscape. She’s such a fan favorite that she’s been dead for years now and they always find some way to mention her or have in the new stories.

    1. ^how did she die mikey?

      the great way to think is no matter how much our spirits die,
      it is reborn into something more powerful each and every time.
      i have grown a lot and continue to grow.
      even tho i can be a fool with work wolf,
      i still rise and make him dependent on me.
      this time tho…
      i want my conscious and subconscious minds to work together.

      1. She was killed with a plantery stroke by a mutant named Xorn. She died a little bit after she found out Cyclops having a psychic affair with a character named Emma Frost.

        P.S. If you look up Emma Frost she perfectly embodies your “Gold Digger Fox” era!

  7. Hello J Phoenix! I guess we r both on the same journey. “Ask and it’s Given” by Abraham and Esther Hicks, that book changed my life. Be prepared to be transformed mentally first. With love from TX

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