Its Deep Inside You (Pull It Out)

tumblr_n6vebmXStl1s0t8mao1_500yesterday was weird.
it seems everyone was dealing with something.
well on my end way.
i don’t know if the planets were aligned on opposites side of space,
but everything was all fucked up.
so i did myself a favor
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Either The He(Bitch) Goes or Jamari Fox Will

tumblr_static_eny2cwo4sdcgws08cc0gk0w8s_640_v2i wrote something earlier today.
“mister available”.
i was frustrated with how wolves were treating me.
i was going to let me he(bitch) raise hell.
well instead of it making me bitter,
i wanted to be better.
i was talking to one of the foxholers last night about this same issue.
how i go from 0 to 1000 with the goal of your head on the floor”.
i was taking a nice warm bath earlier,
compliments of dr bronners “peppermint” liquid soap,
and something else washed over me.
something inside said to close my eyes and imagine this…
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You Will Rise From The Ashes (New Season)

tumblr_mg5qyqy5v51rdtdoho1_500_zps054345faa new season always calls for a new start.
i have been wanting to start fresh for a while.
the only problem is:

i don’t know how

i feel like there is something inside trying to come out.
its this feeling of power that i know right now,
i wouldn’t be able to control.
i have to get a hold of what i’m dealing with first.
so i decided that these new season will start from the ashes.
i have decided to start destroying everything that is no good…

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