The Fine Wolf With The Story

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 5.41.52 PMeveryone has a story.
every last one of us.
we look at people we are attracted to and think:


…but once you get to know them,
you will see they are struggling/have struggled with something.
the sad part is people won’t even talk to us once they find out our story.
well one if my f-bi sent me this story.
its the perfect sunday story for those who need a testimony.
everyone meet “fit4duty_”

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 5.44.37 PMhe is a instagram wolf who has some issues.
this is what my f-bi fonted me about him:

“He suffers from acute and chronic illnesses. I know he was in the military and I think that might have something to do with his illness. He has kidney and liver failure he’s in pain everyday, takes 30 plus pills a day, had 30 surgeries and needs to get 15 more, has to get morphine, tumor removed, has a daily risk of stroking out, and also has a short life expectancy. His doctor told him that he has to lie in bed and cannot workout or anything but so far he has beaten that odd even when he is pain he workout. His story really broke my heart looking at his pictures you wouldn’t be able to tell he is sick. His story made me look at myself and see how blessed I am.”

and with that:

tumblr_inline_mfvh8q6J9f1rt3lkzwhen i say i had a few tears for this wolf and i don’t even know him?????
this is also what he wrote under one of his pictures:

We sacrifice so others don’t have to! I will forever be in pain, injured, on medication, and have a shortened life expectancy! God put me in this situation bc I am strong enough to handle it, I embrace the pain and the responsibility given to me by my country through my medical issues! I am 100% medically retired, I spent over a year in the hospital, over 30 surgeries, and still close to 15 to go! I endure this situation with pride bc I know I’m taking pain away from those who may not be able to handle it, I’m enduring the pain for the high school honor student that will go on to find a cure for cancer, I endure this pain so the teachers of this world can worry about teaching! I was called on this earth to take the pain and injuries of 20 men so that they can do greater things while I smile and beat these issues and accept my fate but choose to do it with a smile and perseverance!

…and clearly he doesn’t even care what the doctor says about staying in bed:

and he also sings:

is it messy to say i’d let him smash just off the strength?
it is?
okay so i’ll keep that thought in the ratchet corners of my mind.

34qpmqtanyway this is a pretty inspiring story that i hope it touched someone reading.
as much we complain about silly things,
he isn’t complaining about his outcome.
we won’t magically stop complaining,
but its eye opening to see someone facing incredible odds and just living.
in fact he is living every day like its his last.
i wish him the best.

pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Fine Wolf With The Story”

  1. *grabs kleenex* This was a lot. There is always someone out there who has it worse than you. Big ups for him for staying strong and keeping a good spirit with all that he is going through.

  2. That’s heartbreaking!
    Poor man! Its so cruel for someone so young to be dealing with these ailments (I know he’s older than me, but thats besides the point lol)
    He’s beautiful inside and out, and I hope he can get through these surgeries and last a lot longer than he is expected to! He deserves it!

  3. Thanks for posting Jamari. His story made me so sad and inspiring. He already beat the odds and I hope he gets to pull through and be able to live a long healthy life.

    1. I forgot to say this dude seems like he has a great personality, very easy on the eyes, and a great voice. This dude seriously has me feeling some type of way. He’s truly has a testimony.

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