Dear Karma, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Signed You.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.11.30 AMdo you believe in karma?
that 5 letter word that works like the universe’s people court?
sure when people do bad things to us,
it always has a way of coming back to them.
i had an interesting talk with someone tonight about karma.
i don’t know about you,
but everyone who has done me wrong has paid for their sins.
i was bullied/picked on when i was a kid/teenager,
betrayed and back stabbed by so called friends,
and dealt with fake ass people in the working world.
 too many examples to name.
life isn’t about getting revenge for everyone who does you wrong.
all that going online or talking behind someone’s back shit is for cornballs.
either ima bust a chair upside your head or ima let it go.
i often choose the latter.
thing is we can talk about how people have received their karma,
but we never talk about how we received ours?
did i do something wrong to have no job,
lost my best friend,
and both my parents?
sure life could be a disaster,
and i have become so much stronger due to all the loss,
but am i taking the l for something i did way back when?
something i may have forgotten.
makes me think.
are the bad things you maybe going through now because of karma?
or in the “house of the lord” a test from god?
and if it is a test,
where the hell does satan come in at?
i couldn’t help but wonder…

Is it a test,
or have your evil ways caught up with us?

and are we honest enough to admit it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Dear Karma, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Signed You.”

  1. This is so funny that you made this post becfause i swear just the other day i was thinking about this. Lord knows that I have not been the best friend to some people that I could have been, lied about some shit, and have done some shady things in the past. But alot of it wasn’t done intentionally out of bad or evil it was done due to certain circumstances.

    I’m the type to if I know that a situation has the ability to make me question if I should be doing it or not, 9/10 I just fall back now because karma ain’t no joke.

    And also, just because we think we are doing good things, who says that the things we do are good?

    Who defines good or bad? Is it religion, society, our own perception of what good/bad is?

    Just a thought.

  2. I think life is a mixture of both tests and “karma”. I think we have to know when we’ve done wrong and reflect on our past to figure out what are transgressions have been, then we can begin to examine our lives and better determine what is a test and what is a result of “karma” (aka you reap what you sow). I too feel like life can bring you a mixed bag. For example: If you’re a hoe, you could end up with a disease. However, who’s to say that God isn’t testing to see if you’ll change your hoe-ish ways? I think it’s best to be inherently good and hope for the best things in life. That way you’ll pretty much know that the bad things that happen are tests and not “karma”.

  3. There is good karma and bad karma. I experience good karma when everyone was talking shit about me and destroying my life. There one woman who really did ruin my life that now she live in an isolate location and she lost her gf who went back to her ex, now she can’t quit her job because she can’t afford to. And her house is small before she used to live in a nice big house with her ex gf, but not anymore. So now she is in a depression and this what happen when you ruin someone life.

  4. Wow great post, me and a friend are always talking about this, and wondering what did we do to get some of this bad luck we get sometimes, I think its just human nature to think like that. Well I am going to share a tale of Karma where I was in the wrong.

    More than a few years ago, one of my homies brought this dude by my house so I could meet him, I didnt catch it at the time that the dude was checking me out. Well when I went to work the next day, a note was on my front door with the caption to please call. At the time, I was like who the hell left this note. Well I called the number and it was my homies friend. He spit game, how he had not stop thinking about me since he met me, he wasnt attracted to my friend and so on and so forth. Well I should have cut it off right there, but I got caught up in the rapture of his bullshit, and entertained it. I kept talking to him, and that led to a couple of casual dates just to talk, to us carrying on a full fledged romance. I finally had to break the news to my homie since we had sort of gotten serious with each other. Surprisingly my homie didnt even trip, was like ok kool, we still good cause he wasnt nothing to me no way. Well come to find out this MF thought I had money because I lived in a nice house and had just got a new car about 2 months before I met him. I didnt have no money, but I did have good credit lol. Well I got just what I deserved, I ran one of my Visa’s up wining and dining this bitch. His straight roommate, he never wanted me to meet turned out to be a lover who was kicking him out the house and he became upset with me when I did have sense enough not to let him move in with me. He had just told lie after lie and I really could have been messed up, but thank God another one of my friends just happen to come by my house when he was there and told me the real deal about this dude and told me to get away from him ASAP. Dude had criminal record for pulling stunts, I found out, was not the Corporate Accountant he claimed to be, but a clerk in the damn mail-room. Just a all around shiesty ass stunt queen. That experience though taught me a valuable lesson. Yes and my homie laughed his ass off when he found all of this out and thank me for taking him off his hands. Peeps be careful doing slick shit out here, it will come back to bite you in the ASS. 🙂

  5. It’s just a test. However, I have thought about it myself. In my opinion bad karma comes when you do bad to others. Everything that we see as “bad” is just life, there are ups and they are downs, nothing more.

  6. Good evening brothers! Busy week due to my comgregation packing up and going to Mega Fest this year, which is such a blessing. I had a thought for you all. Could the bad things be happening because you are gay?

    1. My 16 year old cousin was born with sickle cell disease,had a stroke in 2010 and was just diagnosed with a brain tumor.Could the bad things happening to her be because she is a female? Black? Or Maybe because she is a Born Again Christain?
      I just left Texan’s Children Hospital I wonder what those kids that I met do to get Cancer.
      I pity you,Deborah V

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