The Agony, The Ecstasy and The Jack’d

ohgodyesmeet your new  @_________.
very nice.
i always knew you had good taste.
well you both met on jack’d by accident.
he hit you up on some ol, “was sup”.
you replied, “nada”.
he opened his picture and you nearly fainted.
i’m sure he did the same as well.
ya’ll agree to meet up to see if it’s really real.
it is!
well on some “new-new” shit,
you both actually got to know each other.
of course you would have smashed,
but you wanted to try something new.
well at the end of the nite,
you both agree it to meet again soon.
the end?
well why “come” later on you go on jack’d and he is still online?
hell why did you go back on?
welcome to the new dating.
or “damn do you have dick adhd”?
sure you may meet a good person (out of all the hoes) on a phone site,
but are we programmed now to always be available?
i had to wonder…

Have phone “locate my ass” apps ruined dating?

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