Bret Lockett Looks Better With His Fur Off

who remembers bret lockett?
i do.
he use to be a fixture in the foxhole.
i let him change light bulbs with his shirt off.
he had a little scandal with kim kardashian and vanished.
well he is back and just how i like him.


…and for a good cause.
now would it be wrong if i wanted to wear him instead of fur?
i think he would look really good on my back.


he plays for the jets now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Bret Lockett Looks Better With His Fur Off”

  1. Bret is a sexy mf!! Hot muscular body with a nice juicy booty. He damn sure is sexier than Kanye West or Kris Humphries.

  2. OMG the animals are actually alive still omg that is inhumane. brett but now that the foxhole cant use fur to stay warm you gonna have to do ya part and substitute.

  3. damn he plays for the jets now?? oh well, yes he is cute but i liked him with the beard. and whats with all these ballers doing ink not mink? am i the only one who enjoys a nice full lingth choclate mink on a muscular body lol

  4. He sounds very intelligent, I like that. Don’t laugh at me, but I’m hard af right now after looking at him and hearing him speak. Got Damn. He got big ol ass. Just look at the shape of that monster.

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