Rob Kardashian and The Game Go Hiking!

i didn’t know they were friends.
rob is friends with all the cute guys.

i didn’t even know rob as so out of shape now…

well lord knows rob needs it.
he looks like a fat arab who owns a bodega.

remember when rob had healthy butt cheeks?


i have faith game will work him out.
i see that face!
you know what i mean!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian and The Game Go Hiking!”

  1. Omg Rob looks bloated! I didn’t know he had gotten that big. He’ll get back in shape though. I’m sure of it. That video of them cakes >>

  2. A guy in his position can afford to hangout with others whom has status, because if he is GAY they look at him in a different light normaly since he do have money. I think one reason most so-called straight men do not want too deal with some gay men is because they are so loud, rude, and is to femme! I have alot of straight friends (guys), but I know how to carry myself around them. i had one recently to tell me that when he hears house music he thinks of me and just Christmas I ran into him at the grocery store he said I know you are getting into trouble.

  3. peoples mannerisms come over time with the socialization they were exposed too. So learning to carry yourself to make who feel more secure a str8 men boi fuck that. Str8 men dont care if you loud and rude cause most str8 men are loud and rude and if some one wants to see your mannerism as feminine trust me they will want to see. What men can’t take is the association that femme men a massive gossip as popularize by TV sitcoms.

    Its gay men who have a real problem with femmes. Because of the whole gay by association thing stueps. I not femme but i have a sexy walk so i have been told by str8 guys by the way, but str8 guys talk to me normal no problems i get ask out to lime, offered drops home, they make random jokes with me no problem. Its the closet homos who give me the creepy stare and avoid me in the hall way and they always walking round asking ppl oh is he gay is he gay come on dont try to color me cause you only color yourself.

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