YOUR 50th THOUGHT…. (50)

ratchet mondays is back!
shoe specialists.
rihanna red hair.
fat donkey asses.
bad singers.
glass throwing.
and joe budden


6 thoughts on “YOUR 50th THOUGHT…. (50)

  1. joe budden’s teeth bothered me.
    don’t forget your bag after you caused that scene tairhy.
    her ass is absolutely beautiful.
    that chick needs to lose that red cherry koolaid hair.
    she specializes in finding shoes for people? they give a career to anything.
    yandy baby father came off d/l. most harlem boys are.
    ol girl has a crush on joey. fuck that “we just friends” bs. she heard about the pipe and wants a sample.
    erica mena is pretty.
    olivia needs to go away.
    rich dollaz is not attractive.
    why do these bitches throw glasses?
    i’m bored, but i’ll tune in.


    1. Yes, that was my issue. Joe looks good but those teeth. I didn’t get a vibe off of Mandeecees, but that means nothing lol.

  2. I thought it was pretty boring. The Atlanta one has really spoiled me. It’s just that no one in this cast has any personality.

  3. Firs thought: Joe isn’t as cute as he is in pictures.

    There’s not a lot of eye candy this season either. Tahiry, Yandy & Erica are the only hawt ones.

  4. My first thought; The show is very ratchet, the only thing I want is Joe lol.

    I have never watched the NY series but I did last night, but it’s enough to keep me tuned in.

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