I Got 99 Problems and Being A Free Agent is One

so you were playing football,
career was pretty solid,
you weren’t the star…
…but you are on a team you call home.
you built a relationship with other players.
life was good or so you thought.
end of season they cut your ass.

well that was unexpected….

when you are hot,
everyone wants a piece of you.
you have a ton of “friends“,
you are getting pussy/dick/ass by the boatloads,
and you can pretty much do/buy whatever you want.
soon as you’re cut from a team,
you are in a dark room with a candle.
no one is returning your calls.
you go from being saying you want pussy/ass/dick to begging for it…

free agents.
i always wondered what happens to baller wolves who become free agents?
are they broke?
how do they make money?
is there is baller wolf unemployment program?
no team and the money has been cut off.
how do they travel?
do they re-apply for various teams like i would with a job or temp agency?

i was looking at alvin bowen.
he is now a free agent and suddenly wants to model.
kenyon martin is a free agent and he is about to host a party with draya for allstar.
you see the antics of chad ocho on his twitter.
having fun/finding a fallback career until all the money is gone?
aaron maybin went from being hot to now being on the reserve/future contract.
devin thomas retired and his ass went right back to playing football.
should these baller wolves have fallbackk careers while in the league?
so when shit hits the fan,
they can stay under a tent until the storm passes?

i’m scared to ask about vince young,
terrell owens,
chris mcallister,
and jamarcus russell.

here i am looking for a job.
no one seems to want me.
it hurts because i am a good worker,
loads of experience,
and extremely talented.
truth be told,
i’m exhausted looking.
my bills/lifestyle is not crazy that i can’t survive.
i learned how to budget my ass off too.
for someone who was use to millions of dollars,
and basically has no income coming in anymore,
wtf is that life like?
i would be like this:

judging from the pictures at parties and various events,
they always look so calm and collected.
i started to wonder…

What is life as a free agent like?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I Got 99 Problems and Being A Free Agent is One”

  1. If they were smart enough to realize they wont and cant survive soley on throwing a ball on a field then he wouldnt be the hot dumb jock now would he? We need him to be stupid think money will come in forever so that way his ass is indebted for life, how else will the owners of the teams make money?? My roomates are athlethes and they hobestyl dont know anything wlse or have any other plan thab baseball its like they dont think theyll graduate and when i adked them what theyll do they said idk maybe work as a baseball coach. Dead

  2. Basketball players fare much better than football players being that they have guaranteed money, so Kenyon should be in pretty good shape other than he cant keep his dick in his pants and he falls in love with every damn woman he gets with. Im sure all these broke ballers are in Houston this weekend hosting parties to pay March rent, its so many parties that even Shaunie Oneal and Jennifer Williams from B-Ball wives are hosting parties to make a lil change. I think the bad part of falling off as a baller is that they cant adjust going back down to living like everyday regular people, of course they can come on this blog and gain a wealth of knowledge on what not to do if you want to keep your money, your archives are worth their weight in gold.

    1. NFL players have an excellent retirement package and free health benefits after they have been in the league 5 years and is prorated on their salary and years in the league. And the comment thou is dead on the ones that will not or do not want to live like regular folks.

  3. Btw it isn’t hard to get resigned you just have to stay in shape and keep good connections with reputable coaches that can vouch for your work ethic Randy Moss is a classic example he didn’t play for a year and this past month went to the Super Bowl with San Fracisco.

    1. ^i love when h2b comes over to my side of town to drop the knowledge.
      thank you also for answering.

      wait randy is back?
      im glad to see him get signed to play again.
      he is actually a really good player!

      well good to see being a free agent doesn’t have to always be a crisis.
      i feel like the ballers who lived flashy are the ones who end up embarrassed when they get dropped.

  4. On HGTV yesterday there was a free agent former Bronco free agent that graduated with a business degree and landed a job as a corporate banking executive this is why you study before you blow up your knee. YOU MUST HAVE A BACKUP PLAN.

  5. it would take aday to cover all those bases. If a baller is smart with his money then free agency is no worry.(Chad is smart with his.) Depending on the terms of the contract signed the club is still paying the ballers salary for the length of the contract even if they are free agents and another club picks it up if they sign the player. On the other hand there is Vince Young and Jarmarcus Russell who are BOTH living at home with momma.

    1. ^thank you for answering.
      i didn’t think anyone would lol…

      it’s good to know that aren’t completely broke…
      is it hard to get signed to another team?

      1. That’s the price you pay when you quit college to play ball. Why they choose not to get their degree is confusing.

        I reader earlier that Kenyon may be signed soon.

      2. A true baller can always land coaching from college down to junior high if they choose to. Then there is sports radio, local TV and the list goes on and on. Plus if they play the mandatory time to receive a pension it kicks in. Thus OJ still gets an NFL check. Now the broke ones would be the ones trying to live the image and still think they are “2 cool for school” aka Vince Young.

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