The Greatest Trick A HOE Ever Played Was To Act Like He Didn’t Exsist.


In the Concrete Forest, you can pretty much spot the hoe.
He will literally have a flashing red BLEEP over his head if you look carefully.
It says to other Wolves, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”.
HOES are a 24 hour business, which sadly nowadays is FREE.
I remember when being a HOE was exclusive.
Only problem is, being a HOE is played out.
EVERYONE is striving to be a HOE.

HOES tend to be messy and do too much HOE shit that it ultimately catches them up.
Those are the BASIC HOES we won’t talk about.

Let’s talk about the UNDERCOVER HOES for a minute…

Being an UNDERCOVER HOE is actually better and more profitable to your Fox brand.
You will never be in the category of a JACKAL or HYENA.
Well here are a few reasons…


You can do all your HOE shit and everyone pretty much thinks you are innocent.
You are so undetectable that you are under the radar of all the many HOES out there.
When you live a life where people know you are easy,
you need to realize that people know your resume before you talk to them.
So I pretty much laugh at all these HOES out here who put it out for the world to see.

– Keyser Soze.
The Usual Suspects.

So when you meet your dream Wolf,
the Wolf you been waiting hard and ready to turn your HOE CARD in,

Remember: You don’t know WHO knows who.
At least if you are ON THE LOW WITH THE HOE,
you have a higher probability of not being found out.


When you are a blatant HOE, everyone knows and can easily throw stones at you.
When you keep all your shit under wraps, no one can say anything.
This is why in your quest for UNDERCOVER HOISM,
it is best to have a good reputation everywhere…
You know once your shit is out there, it is hard to erase it unless you move completely.


You can play an innocent role with these Wolves.
If you want to go the UNDERCOVER HOE role,
you must always make sure you keep your trail covered in smoke.
Which means that you should never have evidence of your HOISH ASS.
So all that video taping, fucking friends, and all that has to go “bye bye”.
Just get you some dick from different Wolves and keep it CLEAN.

and finally…

Most HOES are pretty reckless and have diseases bouncing all over them booty cheeks.

Well not like that…
Just make sure you get tested regularly and always do your HOE SHIT protected.
Ain’t nothing worst than a HOE who isn’t about being cautious.

So as you HOE, HOE proud.
I love my HOES out there because they do EVERYTHING I will not do.
So all that video taping, fisting, outing, and train running marathon runners can be for them.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Greatest Trick A HOE Ever Played Was To Act Like He Didn’t Exsist.”

  1. Damn this entry made me laugh, and you killed it with the gifs, Aunt Bonnie in a previous entry being some of my favorites. Well its sad that when these 20yr old whores get 30 and are washed up they want to change. I have seen many newbies who are at the front of the store were you have to pay full retail price only after a few years moved to the “Reduce for Clearance” section of the store. This life can be so brutal, and no Ho ever think they are going to get old and their ass or dick played out. Its nothing sadder than a once hot boy who is an old man still trying to get it in. If you stay in the background and just chill you will be able maintain in this life. Dont speak and get to know everyone, maintain some mystery about you. We have all probably done some Ho shit wolves and foxes alike, but as the old saying goes its not what you do, its how you do it. Discretion is everything.

  2. first gif! damn things i would do, anyway i have a good friend who is a hoe i went out to the club with him other night and had another dude come up telling me how my friend is a hoe but was still all over my boy. anyway we once had something he showed me his true colors from the start but i was in love he was the first guy i had been with at the time i didn’t know what i was top or bttm but he made me feel good and broke my hurt just the same real shit! i was so hurt. one night he was fucking this dude while i was “sleeping” on the floor man i have never felt so low, now i got mine and he is a sexy lil thing. my friend well i hope he will find someone soon its funny because i found out he did have feelings for me but now its to late he keeps saying shit like you “favor” “mehcad brooks and how that’s his man he is fine as hell” kinda shit but im over it i mean my friend will always have a place with me he was my first and that’s when i found out i am damn sure not a bottom.

  3. so i guess if that what your going to do keep your shit together having people knowing that you are a hoe well its not a good look

  4. I agree, undercover hoes are the worst ones, most of the time they are the people who try to act like they are better than every else.

  5. This is good shit! Cuz everyone either is a hoe or knows one very well! I’m the mistaken hoe, cuz I’m super friendly.. Everyone instantly thinks I’m about that life, but I’m genuinely just a nice guy. When I was more into the lifestyle, going out and partying and whatnot, I noticed that all the guys seemed to really like the dudes that seemed to be super out there..where here I am I can cook clean, got my own shit, nice attractive, funny, and I get overlooked bcuz I don’t p-pop on a headstand, do splits, dips, and suck dick in the bathroom? Well have at it bruh!

  6. Hmmm. Well I had a reply, but couldn’t get the first gif off my mind. Now I lost my train of thought…Still no answer to who or where that cums from? Even the eyebrow raise is sexy. He could get it.

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