MEAT (75)

Have you ever seen someone…
And Wolves and Hybrids can answer this too…

…and they just made you hard as fucking HELL?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “MEAT (75)”

  1. I wouldn’t know what to start on first.
    On those lips…
    On that pipe…
    I would lose my ever loving mind.

    In fact,
    I would make sure I cuff him once I make him get in this good stuff.
    I need that.

  2. That’s that dark chocolate right there. I bet when it’s gets hot outside he’ll be lookin rite when he starts to sweat, OH YEA…..

      1. Do you see that skin? Do you see that body?? No underwear! He’s definitely a “mature” taste. Most kids wouldn’t appreciate him unless his skin was about a million tones lighter and full of tattoos.

    1. Jay, get out. lol

      I’m the odd kid out, cuz while he does have beautiful skin tone & a nice body, I’m not feeling him. *shrug*

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