Mr Popular, Where Are All Your Hoes Now?

“to the left, to the left”…

tumblr_m6gbj8YlOp1rul1syo1_400how true is that statement?
they say we are all replaceable.
the crazy part is,
people do not believe they are.
they think they will continue to be on top for ever.
worst when they are shittin on and using everybody.
some of you are talented enough to keep reinventing.
god has blessed you with “something” that keeps people interested.
you are talented so you don’t have to worry.
plus you are a good person and people can see that.
others depend on their looks,
or body parts.
“clocks a tickin’.”
when your time is up…

Are you okay with that?

tumblr_maytw6Y52D1r04xyvo1_500my vixen friend was telling about her coworker at her new job.
older snow wolf.
failed entertainer.
raging he-bitch.
he always talks about his regrets.
lives in this bubble that he will still make it.
he will still be this star.
although that maybe true,
because stranger things have happened,
his attitude is completely nasty and unbearable.

tumblr_mkzhpbLr8D1qhansmo1_400what about these foxes.
and hyrbids who are popular now?
they aren’t doing anything but lying,
and getting their brains fucked out.
if not,
they are walking aorund here with the nastiest attitudes.
thinking they are better than everyone else.
looking down on “us”.
ya’ll know “those” people.
jealous and envious of you,
but i thought you was better tho?
you can’t fuck everyone and think things will always be sunshine and sunflowers.
what happens when the intestines drop,
the looks fade,
medication is their only friend,
and the bad attitude becomes their reputation?

today got me thinking about people whose time have passed.
i remember at my old job,
an ex r&b songstress came in to work as a temp for the day.
i didn’t recognize her because she looked “normal”,
but when we did speak,
she told me how shady the music industry was,
how she was screwed over by her team,
and how she was left with nothing.
i felt for her.
i  could see the sadness in her eyes.
that’s a TON of people ive met.
the way how life is going,
people are breakin’ down a lot faster.
one minute you “were”.
now, you “ain’t”.
the dream is over,
what’s next?

so i had to ask…

Are you wasting your “time”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Mr Popular, Where Are All Your Hoes Now?”

  1. ^^^^ Tajan this comment is epic and true. I know alot of wolves who are on top and living it up. We text weekly talking about regular guy shit and etc. But I always hear about the updates with who they are dating and its makes me laugh because foxes do some crazy ish, but more important these niggas do some slick ish so I always ask them, “why you just cant do right?” Its not that hard to just do right..

  2. I got a situation that this hits close to home on just a regular person. I have this homie who is considered one of the hot boys in my city. He has nice body and a big dick and he has foxes who beat his phone down 24/7, foxes who take him out to eat, buy clothes for him, even one gave him a down payment for a new ride.They are worse than these silly asses vixens who give a man everything and wonder why he leaves her for a fat out of work welfare bitch around the corner. I sit back sometimes and think, is he going to have a breakdown when the looks fade and their is no one else left to sleep with. I often think his day is coming sooner than later. He is really a major league asshole when it comes to these foxes, he gives no fucks about them and they seem to want him even more. He tells me I am too nice because I just cant treat people like dirt under the bottom of my shoe and I cant take anything from someone under manipulative circumstances. I admit sometimes, I wish I could be as cruel and cold hearted, but something tells me that I am going to come out a winner by treating people good, and I will finally meet a good dude. Strangely, Im one of the few people who can cuss him out and tell him that his shit dont stink, and he always wants my approval when he really likes a dude. He has had some good dudes who were really crazy about him and he just dogged them out and used them and moved on to another one. I have seen the thirst from foxes when we go out, a couple of weekend ago we went out and no less than 12 guys tried to come on to him. I wonder is it the same thing for str8 wolf like George Hill, Surquah, Devane and the many you feature on here. Are there so many thirsty groupies that these dudes really can treat people any kind of way and people still want to be with them. Luckey did a real good and deep entry about Pretty Boys on his blog. I think some dark and tragic shit happened to my homie but he wont tell it and he tries to play like everything was perfect in his life growing up, but I know that you can not treat people like this without experiencing some type of emotional trauma as a child, from your parents, siblings, the community etc.

  3. For a person to be wasting their time it all depends on what the person is trying to do? If they are chasing an industry career that has them in the same place they were when they first started, then the answer is “yes” Now if it is something constructive a person is trying to accomplish then they are not wasting time. For example, going to school is never a waste because once you have your degree no one can take from you. Like Romeo says in that commercial, “education sticks with you.” As long as you have that, you will have another opportunity, that is unless you are a convicted felon of course lol.

    1. ^i agree with a majority until you got to the degree part.
      there are so many people out here with degrees and bachelor degrees and are jobless or working in a field they didn’t go to school for.
      plus why is it you pay all the money for college,
      get the degree,
      and then have to spend years paying college back?
      im not saying college is bad,
      but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

      1. I know that, but I was saying that they will always have it. The point was education cannot be taken from you like everything else. Singing careers, modeling careers, and looks all can be taken away.

        1. ^i wonder if these people think they will remain on top forever because they look good,
          dress nice,
          know a few celebs,
          and are at every event?
          the worst is the ones who have titled themselves stylists,
          or managers and have never done anything.
          all just to keep relevant…
          …and broke as hell.

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