Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 10.25.55 PMi wonder how much pussy songzbird brother,
has racked up since his big peen was leaked online?

x Didn’t Take Long For SongzBird Brother To Get Some Leakage

he just did his ab workout tonight and wanted ya’ll to see something else….


Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.53.37 PMyeah.
we obviously see what you did there forrest.

x 00ruski (ig)

x 00ruski (twitter)

lowkey: to all my new york vixens (or foxes),
he seems to walk around the city.
now that it’s getting hot,
ya’ll need to start walking around too.
try to bring us back a pipe report while you at it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “MEAT: LEFTOVERS (312)”

  1. Forrest know he is cute. I love him, but I bet he is dumb ass a box of rocks. Y’all Foxes probably could get him with a lil persuasion. I want to see some actual talent that he has besides his body. What else can do? Can he dance or sing. Get him in the studio Trey lol.

    S/N: Trey has never leaked a pic. He’s one of a few people in the industry without a leaked peen pic. He’s smarter than what I thought.

      1. He probably can’t, many people my age cannot even hold one. His looks would not be enough to keep me interested. Trey not only sings, but he draws as well, and he is pretty good at it. Give us something Forrest.

      2. Yea he draws. He said it in an interview. I draw as well, maybe him, breezy and I can draw together someday, and then have a happy ending lol.

          1. a vixen I know who has been around songzbird said he is a very jealous person.
            i wonder how he is handling all this attention his brother is getting then?
            i know that dick pic leak must have made him so sick.

      3. Aww I hope he’s not jealous, he has no reason to be. Forrest can’t sing and do all the shit he can. I’d never leave him for lil bro.

        “I’m staying on da bus” in my Joseline voice.

  2. Damn this dude has made me forget about his famous brother, IMO he shits on all of the popular attention whores on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter etc. Sadly he even outshines his brother, I would let him eat crackers in my bed as I heard a old queen say. Wow he is perfection.

    1. Nooo Forrest should not be the superstar. I hyped him up a few weeks back, but I have come to my senses. Trey has sex more appeal, which means he know how to make looking sexy effortless. Have you seen him on stage, and how he kisses and touches on those women? When it comes to their looks, I fence ride a lil bit(I give Trey a slight edge, very slight), but Forrest strikes me as an amateur, as if he wants to be like big bro. If I slept with Trey, I know it would be the best night I’d ever have. Forrest would be a question mark, I’d feel like I’m taking a chance. I know what I’m getting with big bro, I’d let him ride on it until it’s red and sore.

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