It’s Hurtful When You Call Prince Michael Gay

being a feminine male doesn’t mean you’re gay.
we can argue that,
but it’s truth for some.
look at our late prince.
he wore full make up and heels,
but would fuck your own mama in a heartbeat.
prince michael,
of “lhhmia” and south beach promoting fame,
seems to be in that same category.
he isn’t gay,
but folks want him to be.
when he made his debut on the show,
twitter was lit with questioning his sexuality.
every other tweet was slander.
he spoke about amara la negra and how emotional she gets in her story line.
he has felt the same,
but in a different way.
this is a quote i read from him in his interview with “the grio”

Prince Michael admits he was surprised by Amara’s emotional reaction to Young Hollywood’s put-downs.

“I was caught off guard that she cried because it seemed to come out of nowhere but at the same time we all have our struggles,” he says.

He also revealed that he can relate to being labeled by others because he has been made fun of for being gay since he was a child, even though he’s a heterosexual.

“I have to deal with people calling me gay every day. It’s not because I have been with another man or because they have seen photos of me with men. It’s my mannerisms. It’s how I dress because I dress very well. It’s because I enunciate and articulate my words. It’s dumb. These are ignorant remarks,” he says.

“I have been dealing with people calling me gay since I was in the fourth grade because of things I can’t control. It sucks. It does break you down. I don’t cry about it but it does hurt. I hate it.”

i can relate.
only thing is,
he turned out to be straight and i…

i wasn’t like the other males at school.
i was always different.
what made me feel bad about myself actually makes me stand out.
i had my own feminine mannerisms,
liking to dress,
and the way i spoke was always talked about.
i wasn’t super feminine,
but i was considered “soft”.
it use to bother me.
a lot.
i would do everything to try to “fit in” with the wolves.
it ended up making me awkward af.
i’d come home only to be picked on by my parents.
won’t lie,
but I felt like I was in hell.
add onto questioning my liking for males and trying to date vixens.
i went through my teenager years feeling like:

“i don’t want anyone think i’m gay”

it created all kinds of low self esteem and worthlessness in me.
i was forced to feel ugly about being softer.
a resident atsuicide city”.
as i’m growing up now,
i’ve realized that it’s just who i am.
i’m not changing me for anyone.
they’ll deal or get the fuck out.
i’m all outta fucks with my mouth nowadays.

i wish i had this confidence growing up

folks don’t realize how hurtful that shit is tho.
that’s why i sympathize with those in the struggle.
i can’t judge because i was once deep in there.
i’m glad prince isn’t scared to talk about it.

lowkey: prince might be the type to be out here turnin’ vixens out.
don’t even sleep:

he is handsome.

article cc: the grio

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “It’s Hurtful When You Call Prince Michael Gay”

  1. Tbh I experienced a lot of what he’s talking about and I did hide who I was I felt it important to fit in sooo bad that I even tried dressing like the straight guys. I think my childhood was miserable because I wasn’t being myself so now I try extra hard to be me no matter who doesn’t like it.

    Sn: Prince is fiiiiine & he does dress well i hate that society is still at such a limiting view of what is acceptable for black men straight or gay.

    1. ^omg me too!
      i sagged my jeans and all this extra shit.

      it’s hard to be you when everyone is making you feel bad for being you.
      if that makes any sense?
      and being you doesn’t mean being feminine and “extra”.
      it could simply mean liking/doing things that go against what being a male is.

      1. I wasn’t even overly fem but being odd & quiet & observing was too much for everybody.

        I actually wore the horrible soulja boi attire oversized everything and very very very cheap/plasticy sunglasses. I do not miss the time period when baggy was in. Lol

  2. Especially in the black community, its tough, i think my high school years were tough. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m don’t care. You can’t focus on that stuff. Just be the best person you can be.

    1. ^oh the black community can be so emotionally abusive.
      it takes thick skin to grow up black.
      not only are you dodging racists,
      but you got some of your own people beating you down.
      it’s really stressful lol

  3. Yeah….but those same mannerisms will often get you the jobs you want over most and the last laugh as an adult. Where are those same people who made fun of you as a kid today? Broke, fat, downtrodden, or dead.

    1. Funny how a people who are oppressed by all of society, in turn oppress those who look like them, but are a little different.

    2. Tell me how that’s what I’ve been telling myself for YEARS!! Who’s REALLY winning out here?! The person who just talks or the person who is walking (and hireable)!

  4. I applaud the fact that he’s even OPEN about speaking about this because many black men don’t even want to be ASSOCIATED with addressing rumors about them being gay because that to them is an insecurity where they feel as though people will assume that they are gay.

    I remember an interview with Birdman on HOT 97 and Ebro had asked him if he is gay because people call him gay and Birdman couldn’t even address the topic at hand or even answer the question. That’s how awkward it was. He tried to cop out by stroking his fragile masculinity by calling himself a “gangsta”. Lord the second hand embarrassment that I had felt for him. Many black men will answer in a belligerent manner too and deny their assumed gayness just to save face.
    Whereas Prince keeps his cool and just says no. That takes a lot for a guy especially in our community to do. But the fact that he isn’t scared to talk about people calling him gay is even better.

    And let’s keep it real, he said his mannerisms played a part but so did his looks. I find it funny how many black women will cry about colorism that is perpetuated by men but they also reciprocate the act and try to trivialize it. Light skin men will never be the victims because in the grand scheme of things, they are more valued in this society, however I honestly believe that his skin complexion along with his finer features and curly hair played a part in women clowning him online calling him gay.
    He doesn’t have the deepest voice so that may be a factor but his looks are also a factor. I remember when industry on blast accused him of being sponsored by Trey Songz and all the women there were on his neck calling him every fag in the book. Had he looked like Morris Chesnut he would have been received differently.

    1. “Light skin men will never be the victims because in the grand scheme of things, they are more valued in this society, however I honestly believe that his skin complexion along with his finer features and curly hair played a part in women clowning him online calling him gay.”


      Not all, but a lot of light brights have these inflated egos and thank they “pretty”…

      Thankfully we’re starting to see an increase in dark skinned representation. Though I’m not a superhero fan, Blank Panther gets me excited so much.
      Nice to see all shades on screen though. It’s a really good image for younger dark skinned girls though to see them kicking ass on screen.

      When ole girl tossed that wig and started laying them men out, I was hollarin!! Yessss!!

  5. This man is in a relationship with Cesar. Neither has a girlfriend. They celebrate every milestone together. They travel and vacation together. Pleaseeeee

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