Soulja Boy Has A Secret Weapon

what has soulja boy been doing with his life?
last i saw,
he was on “lhhhollywood” and then:


does he still make music?
i know one thing,
he has time to be thirst trapping on snapchat because…

oh my.
according to alleged rumors,
he apparently likes to secretly slide into foxtails with that situation too.

he looks like he’d be a good john too.
i’m secretly allowing it.
as long as he doesn’t talk.

19 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Has A Secret Weapon

  1. I have to admit he’s a guilty pleasure for me just like ratchet tv you watch religiously but don’t tell anyone about. So i’d hit. Trife i know. But he does something for me lol.

  2. He’s actually sexy to me Its crazy because me and bae was just talking about him he just one of those dudes I’m glad to have the power to watch him so I can turn the volume all the way down cause when he talks its a no for me and and a lot of these other fine dudes that blow it when they lips part

  3. Meh… Too many tats, not enough meat on his bones and has colorful hair. Dick bigger than his arms..

    Dont be one of them size Queens with a hole as big as the entrance to the Land of Narnia.

    A big dick d**t mean better sex or a good stroke. Sorry y’all. I love my walls and a house divided…can not stand.. Therefore, I cannot stand to .

    Lawd these young bucks I tell yah. They wheels be turning but the car just ain’t goin no where’…

    I met a guy a few years younger than myself some years ago and he pulled his pants off quick…Peen hard as rock and was leanin like the Tower of Pisa and was bout 10.5 maybe

    I was lookin like..What you fixin’ to do with that..

    He up there smiling and cheesin’

    Baby, you not bout to have me on a balance beam flippin’ like Simone Biles in the Summer Olympics…

    These legs…they shall not part ways….and thou shall not bendeth over for thee..

  4. Younger me when he was everywhere and I used to find him & slim guys attractive would have now tho’ its a no.

  5. EW. I would never. Not even with a 10 foot pole. Soulja Boy is one of those people who will always look dusty regardless of whatever they do to themselves

  6. I honestly don’t see what anybody could see in him. He looks dusty and like he would give you cooties.

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