Justin Timberlake Feels 3rd Times A Charm

 justin timberlake is tryyyyyyying not to return to his banishment.
he trying hard,
ain’t he?
well justin released a third single for us.
the first two were cancelled for noise pollution.
this one is called “say something” featuring chris stapleton.

i like this one.
it isn’t try hard and fits the theme of where he was trying to go this era.
^that should have been his first single.
the other two were absolute trash.
i have a feeling the fourth single will involve a fantastic 8 count.

…and a featured rapper wolf i bet.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Feels 3rd Times A Charm”

  1. I’m a fan of JT but it’s interesting to see what happens when he stopped being “inspired” by soul/ r&b music. IDK maybe the next few songs with get me but everything including this is a nah for me.

  2. I feel like he’s out of touch lol.. His playboy image was his main drive to his appeal and now I think he’s a bit boring now because he lost it. Being an artist can be tricky especially when you gotta maintain an image whilst realizing that you still gotta live your life.

    1. After what he did to Janet, I hope his career stays in the toilet! I really hope she does not get her ass on that Superbowl stage with him.

    2. I think he’s out of touch as well. Suit & Tie didn’t do as well as he liked, but by that time he had already reached the “peak” of his career, so it was time to go down the hill on the other side. His album may come out at number one, but I don’t think this will be nearly successful as his other discs/albums. The Timbaland magic is gone for him. Perhaps he should move over to country music. He might do very well.

      Do you think his “acting career” has put a dent in his music career?

  3. I think he is very entitled. He thought he could casually come back to music whenever ans people will come running. Nope, to stay relevent you have to stay grinding. Look at rihanna, she was huge and then took time off. She couldnt get a hit: american oxygen, bitch better have my money, and seconds song. Minor hits. It seemed she was done until she came out with work. You will notice she isnt taking a break anymore.

  4. I just listened to his album today. The only song I liked on that entire thing was a song called Montana. LOL

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