Leslis Jones May Die Alone (and that might be okay)

i don’t know if in this season of my life i’m a tad more realistic nowadays.
i always try to be optimistic,
and my dreams are as high as the stars,
but i’m not trying to live in fairy tales any longer.
life is hard out here and love is even worse.
that’s the reality.
has a struggle.
a vix-bi sent me a ig post from snl comedian,
leslie jones,
leslie is 50 years old and been on her work out grind rather heavy.
i wanted to share it with the foxhole…

see this is the problem here:

“I know it not I’m healthy and look good but I really feel like “what’s it all for” if the people you want to notice don’t.”

is she working out for herself or to get a wolf?
let’s start there.

as depressing as it sounds tho:
we all may not find love in a hopeless place.
you know what it’s like trying to date males out here.
i see what sistas have been talmbout.
i use to admire jay and b and look at how that turned out.
most of the “#ships” i admired turned out to be trash.

folks think falling in love is like looking for grapes at the grocery store.
we can control our our goals and desires,
but what we can’t control is another wolf/hybrid/or fox.

like i fonted before,
i’m not looking and i’m okay with that.
i’ll flirt,
and i might fuck if i’m open,
but i’m so good at the moment.
males are stress and i ain’t about to be looking old over some dick.
not at all.
the wolves i’ve wanted usually are:

confused and confuzzled
sex workers on social media

since i’ve finally realized that i’m poppin’,
i’ve started working on loving myself.
it’s been going great.

so leslie may just die alone.
that might just be her reality.
stop chasing tho.
if it’s meant to be,
it will be.
if not:

Make sure you be the best,
look the best,
and live the best

all you can do.

lowkey: something tells me,
if leslie wasn’t famous,
she would have a wolf.
her celeb personality is very “in your face”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Leslis Jones May Die Alone (and that might be okay)”

  1. I think she has a delightful spirit and she should always be optimistic. This is something we all should take heed to, especially gay men. Once your looks and body run its course, you’re off the field. It’s always good to find someone that can make laugh. That’s important. Get someone that makes you laugh, you’ll live a long while. Find that one man or woman that will laugh with you until your final breath.

  2. i feel your post about her was a little damning and a tad bit cruel. If this was Cynthia Bailey or Vivica I hardly doubt you’d be sealing her fate in this way. Yes, her personality is somewhat over the top, but so is Kevin Hart. No One seem to condemn him to a life of lonliness.

    1. ^she sealed her own fate.
      she fonted it!

      and halle may not meet “the one” and live happily ever after.
      espn might leave kevin hart and he may never re-marry.
      that is depressing,
      but it’s certainly not a lie.

      the gay/bi community are notorious for “males need to sow their wild oats/fuck hetero norms”.
      chat sites can keep a different person consistently coming in and leaving.
      revolving door of take downs.
      some of them might have damned ourselves with this mentality.

  3. I was having a conversation about a similar topic at work last week. I told her that I may go the rest of my life and never meet “the one” and I’m starting to think thats ok. She looked at me crazy and told me she doesn’t think anyone should go with that love and companionship in this short life we have. She said there’s no way you got brought all of the stuff you have to in this world to be alone.

    It made me think what if that great love never comes. I want to be ok and not depressed over it, there are other avenues that can give me great joy and fulfillment BUT at the same thing I don’t want to give up on it and settle for something else.

  4. I can’t relate to her but I can empathize and try to put myself in her shoes and I understand what she means. Lets keep it real, WOMEN are measured in value by their appearance right off the gate. It’s messed up but true. Leslie isn’t exactly the “conventional beauty”, in fact her looks pretty much repel every criteria of the “perfect woman”. Dark skin instead of light skin, broad African features instead of finer “slender” eurocentric features, plus sized instead of skinny, super tall instead of petite. It’s like the cards are played out against her in terms of dating in this society.

    Yes the cliche saying of “there is somebody for everyone is TRUE” but I’m sure she’s lived life knowing that she’s been the butt of jokes. Maybe that’s why she does comedy, to distract people from her appearance and show another quality of her that she may possess. I was a bit sad to read what she said but it’s understandable. Even though many dark skinned women of Leslie’s phenotype have similar sentiments we have to realize that every woman has a different experience so I wouldn’t place every black woman in Leslie’s struggle.

    As somebody said I’m sure women like Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Ciara, Gabrielle Union ect. have 0 problem receiving male attention on a regular basis, however that doesn’t negate that some of them may have similar struggles of finding that happily ever after.
    But then again that’s relationships in general. It’s not easy to stay with somebody forever.

    I feel for Leslie’s case she’s trying to say that she doesn’t feel ATTRACTIVE enough to secure a man and get into a serious relationship that may result in marriage and possibly children in the future. As you can see, she said that every time she wants a man, they don’t want her. So I think she’s trying to say that she doesn’t feel attractive so why bother going to the gym.

    There’s a difference between feeling like relationships are hard to maintain and just feeling like you’re not attractive/worthy enough to even have a long lasting relationship.

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