I Had A “Freudian” Slip

i heard joe budden mention him on his podcast last year.
what really got my attention was that he was nominated for a grammy.
under “best r&b album”,
mind you.
so i decided to check this artist out today at work…

daniel caesar: “freudian”

…and i’m giving it the official sentence of the foxhole:


this particular song got me into my feels tho:

i find that i love songs with dramatic choruses.
the song made me feel good.
good soul music will do that to you.
i imagine myself standing,
at like a sidewalk in the summer,
watching someone i use to love walk away from me.
in one of those good tv moments.
you know what i’m fonting about.
as i turn around to walk away,
i have a slight smile on my face.
not because i’m sad,
but because i’m okay with it ending.
the camera fades and…
i just got chills.
we’re onto something with daniel caesar.
check him out foxhole!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Had A “Freudian” Slip”

  1. What a beautiful piece. I love it when artists make music that isn’t formulaic, and they just allow the production to follow their whim. If feels so much more authentic. I want to hear more.

  2. Honestly, I’m LOVING this new wave of R&B BLACK male singers that has been floating around as of late. We need them to come back because the mainstream has lost it’s touch when it comes to black male singers and have replaced them for vulgar autotuned “singers” who only make songs about drugs, money and sex.

    DVSN, Daniel Caesar, Khalid, Luke James are my favs. Luke James isn’t exactly a “new” artist but I like seeing more black men in this field of R&B. This is where it began and I’m here for the resurgence of it

  3. Got into him at the beginning of last year and have enjoyed everything he has put out there , Get you is my top song from him. It’s easy to get into.

  4. Yeah i’ve been on this for the last 2 months or so. I was surprised when i saw it nominated. Knew it wouldn’t win but still pleasantly surprised. Definitely my kind of tone. Just sit back and chill, close your eyes and let the music relax you. For anyone looking for a nice, mellow vibe.

  5. So, I’m impressed! Finally, something fresh sounding, and he’s from Toronto woot woot! I’m currently investigating his other songs! I’m on board! Good find! I’d much rather support artists like this than someone who already has 30 Grammys and EXPECTS to win.

    I like!

  6. I was listening to H.E.R one day at the gym and her the duet she has with Daniel Caesar so I was curious and checked him out and he actually have some nice songs something that can set up a nice dinner date . I’ll allow it x2

  7. The beginning had be bout to come n and state my disapproval but it got better…much better. When I heard that nasally high pitch I was like…ughh I hate when men sing like that and I was about to jump overboard but I stayed on the ship and I enjoyed the cruise. Kinda gave me a dream vibe like Corrine Bailey Rae does sorta. I’ll allow it x2

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