How To Fuck A Trans Wolf: A Detailed Guide on The “How To”

so after my entry about laith ashley yesterday,
and the questions that followed in the comments,
i got myself to being curious about what sex with a trans wolf is like.
well ^that gentle-trans wolf,
buck angel,
is going to let us know.
a foxhole sent me what he told “the daily mail”

A transsexual man has revealed what it’s like to have sex as a man with a vagina. 

Jake Miller, 45, who is better known by his stage name Buck Angel, sat down with YouTuber Arielle Scarcella, to detail his experience of learning how to have sex after he transitioned from a woman to a man.   

More specifically, ‘how to please a trans guy because there are some women out there and some men out there that are dating a trans guy and they’re not exactly sure.’ 

‘But you have to understand that everyone is different,’ Buck said, starting off the conversation.

‘This is only from my experience. As a pornographer, and as someone who has interviewed over 200 trans men, I have a lot of experience,’ he added.

Revealing that the most important thing about ‘fingering’ a transgender man is first finding out if he is taking testosterone, Arielle and Buck also shared that it’s important to have a conversation about whether or not any surgeries have taken place.

‘You have to let the guy guide you because not all trans men are okay with their vaginas. I’d say a lot of guys are not comfortable that way,’ Buck shared.  

Buck also revealed that his clitoris has grown three to four inches from testosterone. 

‘They can do a surgery where they release the top of the clitoris so it comes even longer, but naturally from testosterone it’ll grow three to four inches,’ he added. ‘It’s pretty big!’

Buck also detailed that when he’s walking around naked at the gym, he thinks men see his clitoris as a ‘little penis’, but his genitals don’t work the same way.

‘It doesn’t look like a vagina, it looks like something else,’ he explained.  

His next tip during the ‘how to’ was to get tested before embarking on any sort of sexual act.

Buck, who has also crafted his own brand of libido enhancer, also shared that a lot of trans guys are scared to experiment with their bodies, but ‘if you’re feeling horny, you’ll want to explore your body’, so recommended his product in place of Viagra. 

Arielle then suggested that maybe this is the only time, trans men can experience a similar shame to the one felt by ‘cis’ women as heterosexual ‘cis’ men ‘don’t feel that kind of shame’.

‘For me to connect with my vagina was the best thing I’ve ever done, transition wise,’ Buck admitted. 

‘Connect with your genitals my friends.’

Moving onto their last tip, Arielle advised trans men to not be ‘lube shy’.  

Buck added a more detailed explanation, sharing that when trans men go on testosterone, the vagina gets dry and irritated, and lubricant is essential. 

‘It’s just like menopause because testosterone removes estrogen.’ 

He added: ‘A vagina needs estrogen in order to function properly. We aren’t talking about that as trans men. Honestly nobody talks about it.’ 

Arielle then directed her next point towards gay men who may be unfamiliar with vaginas, and shared that starting slow was key.

‘Don’t just stick it in,’ she told the camera. ‘Treat it the same way you would treat a butt. 

‘Slow, ask questions, make sure you’re both comfortable, make sure you’re both enjoying it, make sure you’re using condoms.’

Next up, Buck discussed how trans often find it difficult to masturbate, before adding that ‘masturbation is the best thing in the world’.

‘There’s a lot of controversy in the trans community about touching your vagina or even calling it your vagina, or even wanting to have your vagina, that you should have a penis and that’s it. 

‘But I’ve proven that’s totally wrong. You can have a penis if you want to, I applaud you, go get it. But stop making it as if you have to have a make penis. It’s not fair to say that, everyone has an individual choice.’

Buck then finished up his tips by revealing he has also created a strap on that trans men can attach to their vaginas so they can masturbate while mimicking the act of stroking a penis. 

i won’t lie,
but i was a bit confused.
it was a very interesting read tho.
so do trans wolf also mess with males too?
would they be considered gay males?
i thought they were only attracted to vixens?
it is pretty overwhelming,
but i think it’s because that isn’t my forest.
i got more to learn fuckin with wolves.
this is what happens when a trans wolf gets his surgery:
this is all so interesting.
i learn something new on the foxhole every day.
thanks for allowing me to be confused and ask questions!
lowkey: sexuality has so many levels to it.
i like exploring it with you.
article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “How To Fuck A Trans Wolf: A Detailed Guide on The “How To””

  1. A transwoman’s situation isn’t that hard to imagine, but I think I need to see one of these constructed penises in its fully glory and buff to further my understanding for realz!

  2. I have returned after watching a porn with a transman to understand…and I am still fawking confused. Okay, I apologize before hand…I’m smart but not a genius nor do I have unlimited knowledge like the universe, so forgive any trickle of ignorance… 😓

    First thing first… I’m a natural born male myself as many other Foxholers are.

    What causes my confusion: well, being male, we have d**ks, we ejaculate, Gay or not, if we accidentally fall into a vagina uncovered, junior or Felicia is probably gonna come out. We have wet dreams (not all of us), we precum when sexually aroused..blah blah but transmen can’t..

    Some of the Foxholers are natural born females.

    What confuses me: Women are able to have babies, periods, multiple orgasms (men can too but that’s another topic), but transwomen can’t…

    So I asked a question in a previous post…What makes someone “feel” they are the wrong gender?

    Okay so, what if I tried to pull a Sammy Sosa. I’m Black but instead, I felt like I was born with the wrong racial identity. Doctor Phil, make me a White man…named Jimmy.

    Okay, not the BEST example but I really want to crack down on this.

    I like guys…so yeah..I got some homo tendencies but lets say that the planet Venus aligned with Mars and I suddenly was like. Dick is not the way to go. Time to turn the other cheek (or should I say cheeks 😏) and find a woman, f**k her senseless, have kids, name then Willow and Jaden and live happily ever after. I like those scenerios…but then ya know Im like, ya know what…Sorry, I’m strictly dickly again..I know, I need to make up my mind so I won’t end up in one of those DL Detective videos.

    Okay lets say I decided I wanted to be a woman now, its Ms. Jamacia to you, thank you very much…but lets say I wanted to be a the shots, surgery and all that process out of the way then one day decided, I don’t wanna do this anymore…

    How would I go back to being a guy aside from more costly reverse surgery?

    With my other choices I can go back and forth, (not that I’m suggesting it, just stating more or less, be bisexual.)

    And the whole butt sex thing with men on men is so irrelevant since straight men Fawk women in the butt as well and some nice versa (shudders).

    I was thinking more along the lines of you’re born the correct gender but you can like whoever you want. It kinda makes no sense to change your gender and have sex with the opposite sex, well same sex oppositely, I mean opposite sex of the same..Fawk, whatever, you get what I’m saying.

    I’m trying hard to grasp this concept but I can’t. Maybe one day I will but as of just does really add up. The surgery, the countless money, the medication for most of my life. Is it true that transmen have to keep working out?

    Anyways, good look to whoever is transitioning or planning to. It’s something you should really think about, but if you feel it’s right for you I say live life and be free.

    1. I’m not going to suggest that I have the answer either, but imagine if a straight person asked you a similar question: “What makes someone ‘feel’ that they’re gay/not straight?” or suggested that your sexuality is a ‘choice’. and that homosexuality “doesn’t make ‘biological sense’.

      Does it have to make sense? Do YOU have to understand it, as someone who is not part of that group, to acknowledge them? Many white people don’t understand the black experience (arguably none do) and vice versa, so do we HAVE to understand that experience to respect them? If so, why?

      Do I as a black gay man understand what it’s like to be a woman? Not at all, but I can respect women and their experiences and struggles despite not having ANY of the same experiences.

      My suggestion is that being transgender makes sense to them, in the same way that our sexuality makes sense to us. We’re similar in the sense that there’s a point in our lives that we realize that we aren’t “like everyone else” and align our lives with our sexual or gender identities or include those aspects in our lives.

      You don’t need to understand it, because at the end of the day, we all have different experiences depending on our positions in life. There’s no way we can understand everybody at a deep level, because we don’t all face the same challenges. You can’t argue that homosexuality ‘makes sense’ and that transgender ‘doesn’t’. LGBT peoples just don’t have that privilege. Whether we understand it or not, that’s pretty much all we need to know. Just don’t be like those white people and/or straight people who don’t have to understand anything, (because our societies are designed ONLY with them in mind. Think how differently the world would be if were structured to include everybody!) talking about “I don’t acknowledge you because you don’t make sense according to MY limited understanding of reality”. Perhaps accept that “reality” isn’t a fixed concept and that it can be wildly different for different people. You and I as black gay men, don’t really have that luxury of acting like “we make sense, and others don’t”. We just don’t.

      Another thing. It’s not really often that people who transition or “go gay” revert after their alignment, so it’s not like people are out here choosing identities that suit their narrative given their mood. Not saying it doesn’t happen or hasn’t happened, it’s just not really a “thing”.

      Racial and gender identities are two very separate discussions as well, but interesting ones to be had. Those are just my thoughts on the matter though.

  3. so do trans wolf also mess with males too?
    if they are bisexual or pan yes,
    would they be considered gay males?
    If they are gay, yes.
    i thought they were only attracted to vixens?
    Sexuality and Gender are two different things. so they can be a trans wolf and be gay, just like they can be a trans wolf and be attracted to vixens, or both, or other trans people.

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