chrisean rock don’t want no feminine son since she gonna be mom and dad

why did chrisean rock decide have a child?
serious question.
i feel like some people think having a kid is cute on paper “until“.
she chose to keep the creamy filling for someone who didn’t want her!
she claims she doesn’t want her son to come out feminine


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isshe really feminine tho?
when i think of feminine,
she doesn’t hit the top 100 of that list.

i think being feminine is the least of her son’s issues.
is she gonna be reading to this kid?
this whole situation is scarier to me than any horror movie.
this is sad actually.
she thought trappin’ the father would make him stay.
she is losing her mind learning the hard way.
i think she is a moron but…

I pray for her son.
I pray that somehow,
with the grace of God,
she will pull her shit together and realize she is a mother now.

the father being there or not,
she needs to get pull it allllllll the way together.
i’m tired of hearing about venting about ghost dick.
she needs to reminisce on the sweet memories as she is changing diapers.

lowkey: why do i feel she is gonna resent this kid?
i have no high hopes for her.
i really want her to prove me wrong.

2 thoughts on “chrisean rock don’t want no feminine son since she gonna be mom and dad

  1. Makes sense. She and all the women in her family are masculine and aggressive. She might not want her son to get bopped in the head like her dad, and not be able to defend himself.

  2. She is on every block in ungentrified parts of Brooklyn. Someone has to start the initiative to stop publicizing her and her aggressive ignorance. I nominate you Jamari!

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