reminder: you are becoming like your mother and its a real downer :-(

many of us,
whether we like or not,
will be like the ones who raised us as we grow up.
i shudder the thought.
so yes reader,
as you get older,
you are becoming like your mother/father/grandmother/whoever.
some of you are shuddering at the thought.
i am working on breaking that generational curse in my own life.
so i’m going to font you something that i want you to read carefully.

Whether you are a total wolf,
total fox,
or a total hybrid.
Whether you don’t want your penis touched or you do.
Whether you never want to suck or to be sucked…

I’m letting you know that I,
Jamari Fox,
supports you in WHATEVER you choose to do.

here is the thing

some gays can’t help being like our mothers/grandmothers/parentals,
aren’t we?

“Why must you be gay?
I want you to bring me some grandchildren.”

blah blah blah.
better yet,
they want you repent for liking the same sex.
gee mom,
maybe you need to repent for driving all of your potentials away.
you are miserable and make other people miserable.

i don’t want to be like those who judged me for whatever i wanted to do.
that is why i so unhappy and so uncomfortable in my own fur growing up.
so yes,
i want YOU to be and do whatever you want.
it’s your life.
we didn’t slide out the uterus water slide with you.
you know what i’ve noticed?
some gays love to mentally abuse us like their parents or bullies.
their parents were the bullies.
they love to tell us what we should do because that’s what THEY would do.
it’s eerily similar to the long talks they hated growing up.

“I just want you to be your best self and go to college to be a lawyer!”

you wanted to be an actor tho.
so no,
i will not be doing that.

Unless you plan on hurting yourself,
or animals…
I’m going to cheer you on like you parents should have done.
Do what makes you happy and comfortable.
Walk in that with head held high.

and if someone tries to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing?

Thanks Mom,
even your Bully from the 12th grade…
I’m good.”

it’s your dick,
your hole,
your sex life,
and your business.
when you are out there uncomfortably “doing and being“,
we can tell and you look terrible.

lowkey: and what is “well its not gay to not like dick” anyway?
i’m gay because i’m attracted to the same sex.
there are total tops who don’t like to suck dick.
there are bottoms who don’t like to get their dick’s sucked.

there are straights who don’t like giving head.
are they not straight?

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  1. Reflecting to this I have recognized that we are taught to hate ourselves at a very young age and when we grow up we become miserable. We have got a lot to unlearn

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