the pastor gave someone prayer, a word, and a little over 2 million

he looks like rockmond dunbar,
don’t he?
if you squint and turn your head to the side,
you can see it.

well ^that hyena is named ralph douglas west II.
he is a mega church ass. pastor from texas who was sued for 2.45 million.
a foxhole sent in why and well…

A Texas pastor has been ordered to pay a woman her met online $2.45million after he gave her herpes.

Ralph Douglas West II, the assistant pastor at Houston’s The Church Without Walls, was found guilty of battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and fraudulent concealment.

After a three-day trial and six hours of deliberation, a jury determined on Thursday that West gave the victim genital herpes after they met on Facebook five years ago.

that damn facebook.

what in the world do you tell your congregation?
how does one bounce back from this?
oh i know…

A sermon about forgiveness where he’ll cry.
His church members who didn’t run from the hills will forgive him.
He’ll do some “do wop do wop do wop” praise and worship for Jesus.
They’ll rush to the altar to donate in the name of “God forgives”.
Everyone will turn the other cheek cause he is on of God’s “chosen ones”.
He’ll be labeled brave but will throw the victim under the church bus.
The wild part is they would throw their gay children out the house.

does ^that sound about right?

lowkey: i would love….
a wolf to be in love/lust with me like kenny was with maxine in soul food.
i thought kenny was ( x so sexy and the perfect husband on the soul food show ).
he was my legit crush on that show.

article: daily mail