Arquez: The Use-To-Be Stripper?

Funny what my Fox spies from around the region send me.
What is this about?

I would have never thought he would be a stripper.
I always thought he would have been some raging Fox queen turned Wolf.
He is so…. small bodied.

But he fucks like a nigga fresh out of prison so…
Anything is possible these days huh?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Arquez: The Use-To-Be Stripper?”

    1. “I got Foxes all around the world…”
      People send me a lot of things.
      Some I feature, some I’m waiting for the right time, and some I won’t…

  1. He’s doing porn…I thought stripping was a requirement? Lol

    I like the one on the left – he got cakes.

    1. The one on the left does have a nice ass.



      P.S. Don’t give me the side eye. I’m very young. 🙂

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