deezy decides to get back at arquez by exposing himself in the exposure?

my wolf friend was JUST telling me how he never brings strange vixens in his crib.
if he wants to smash,
he’ll get a room or he’ll go to their spot if he feels comfortable.
i find a lot of straight males have that energy tbh.
it’s fuckboi energy but still…

a Foxholer sent me a video that was sort if disturbing.
remove “sort of”.
arquez man,
decided he was gonna expose him to get him kicked out of his apartment.

he decided to expose himself first

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arquez shows us #relationshipgoals on BIGO?

So in the latest in “Gee this seems toxic!”…

i keep asking myself what is the point of being in a relationship?

besides splitting bills,
which if you live within a budget you can handle on your own.
the occasional sex,
which if your budget is right,
you can pay for from your attentionisto fantasies

I don’t see the point.

i guess?

you gotta worry about your manz falling out of love with you,
cheating because it’s wednesday,
80/20 and you the 80,
or throwing paws for the social forests to see.
let’s segway to arquez and his manz(?)…

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Nothing Better Than “Climax”

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

arquez is cute.
he has gone from porno star hybrid,
to stripper hybrid,
and now he getting his acting hybrid on.
he plays “light skin thug” well.
arquez is starring in a web series called “climax” for signal 23 tv.
it also stars niko love:

…of “i don’t know” fame.
well i got ahold of the first episode for the foxhole.
check it out…

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The Story Of The Hybrids and The Fat Ass Filled With Crazy.

this is un-official foxmail.
i am not amused.
i wanted you guys to read the following.
to some it maybe childish.
or others,
it maybe a huge life lesson.
this is a wolf problem.
one that can them bring pleasure and also kryptonite.
who knew it would feature arquez again.
he posted some drama from his facebook.
one of my f-bi sent it to me to post with the alleged following:

Umm Jamari you might want to reconsider that post about Arquez especially since he’s all on fb talking about how Cockyboi gave him HIV

now i’m not saying he HAS HIV myself,
but after this story

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Who Would You Choose: Arquez Or “His Older Brother He Didn’t Know About”?

or does he?
i was getting my late night cruise on hoodworld and came across someone who looks like:

you know it’s bad when you look like someone else.
it’s worse when they have the almost same tats as you…

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The Brand New Light Skinned Wolf To Hit The Pleasure Hole


eyes like deVane.
tats like arquez… and deVane.
lips like steven beck.
hype like george hill.
thirst trap like them all.
everyone one meet official young new.
this new york wolf has put in his bid to de-throne the other wolves.
i think he has a good shot…

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