Nothing Better Than “Climax”

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

arquez is cute.
he has gone from porno star hybrid,
to stripper hybrid,
and now he getting his acting hybrid on.
he plays “light skin thug” well.
arquez is starring in a web series called “climax” for signal 23 tv.
it also stars niko love:

…of “i don’t know” fame.
well i got ahold of the first episode for the foxhole.
check it out…


that sex scene tho.
i’ll tune in.
i love the camera quality.
i really like all these new web series for “us” and by “us”.
one of my dreams is to have one as well.
i’d like it to be on hbo’s “insecure” levels of greatness.
i’ll always keep that on my “bucket list” of things to achieve for the foxhole.
check out the rest of “climax” on signal 23 tv.
episode 2 is:


lowkey: was that cocky boi giving arquez head?

Author: jamari fox

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30 thoughts on “Nothing Better Than “Climax””

    1. You giving me life with these scenes!!! Momma Dee getting her extra 5 minutes on her 15 minutes of fame lol love her crazy ass

  1. Signal 23tv is really stepping up the game for black LGBT content. You should def get acquainted with Niko Love. He’s mad popular in Atlanta and South Florida.

  2. Honestly I feel he is compromising the integrity of his work. It would be one thing like Insecure if he had some dope sex scenes sprinkled in here and there. But now he is lowkey just making softcore porn and using porn stars instead of actors.

  3. I watched Climax. I bought both episodes and I can say that they are entertaining. Let’s just be frank here. Most gay men are still men…and men like sex, and these shows are geared towards gay men, so these shows being filled with sex is nothing out of the ordinary. I don’t mind if there are a few porn actors in these since some may actually want to act but I also think it brings more eyes to the project. I don’t want or expect hardcore scenes but a black version of QAF wouldn’t be bad either.

    1. Sup Jai! What you describe is the genesis of porn. There’s a documentary that I can’t remember the name of, but back in the day adult film actors were considered ‘actors’. Then the format descended into smut (not my characterization). IJS…Arquez delivers lines better than Lisa Raye. Keep at it, there’s a lane to be made, here.

  4. I don’t like Signal 23 since they started censoring the sex scenes by blurring the genitalia.I preferred how it used to be in the first season of “About Him” when the director shot from angles where you couldn’t see genitals.

    Also I’m pissed that the producers didn’t renew his contract so Brandon Karson(Damien) won’t be on Season 2 of “About Him”.

      1. They made you pay for the uncensored episodes for About Him Season 1 too but they didnt blur the censored episodes. They simply shot the scenes using angles where you couldn’t see genitals.I prefer non blurred censored episodes.

      1. IDK.Last year he posted on his IG they ,the producers,were going in a different direction.He was disappointed but he had a good attitude about his career in terms of new opportunities.He said something about not being masculine enough.I have seen interviews of him on Youtube and it is true he is somewhat feminine in terms of his mannerisms and the way he speaks.But I thought he acted masculine on About Him so I was confused by that statement.For some reason he deleted all his post at the beginning of the year.So I can’t go back and read the post where he announced he would NOT be returning for Season 2.

  5. Ummm i dunno , to me it’s porn with bad acting and I swear if Arquez only said “Bruh” one more timeπŸ˜‘πŸ˜ž

  6. I really liked About Him, so I’ll prob check these other series out. I think the sex scenes went with the storyline of About Him. And having the choice of censored/uncensored was nice. Altho the simulated “softcore” sex scenes didnt look simulated to meπŸ™ˆ

  7. Arquez. His dumb, escorting ass is my boy. I just can’t help but think about one of his clients here in NY saying his booty is like “a cave” lol

    1. Sounds like a messy fag trying to shade Arquez.Btw dudes who have muscular asses do alot of leg exercices like squats,lunges and deadlifts which keeps your butt tight.Ya`ll homos always trying to shame someone.

  8. Let’s not do a disservice to Insecure by wishing it to be in any category with these softcore-porn click-bait “webseries”. Issa Rae was nominated for a Golden Globe because she understands the importance of writing complex characters, a plot that actually moves somewhere, and very good camera work. Even when she was doing The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, she knew how to hire no-name actors that actually had talent. Most of these black gay webseries lack depth and the acting and writing talent that would actually get them on TV. They should take a page from Barry Jenkins or Shonda Rhimes on how to mix sexual innuendo and subtlety with a good storyline.

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