arquez shows us #relationshipgoals on BIGO?

So in the latest in “Gee this seems toxic!”…

i keep asking myself what is the point of being in a relationship?

besides splitting bills,
which if you live within a budget you can handle on your own.
the occasional sex,
which if your budget is right,
you can pay for from your attentionisto fantasies

I don’t see the point.

i guess?

you gotta worry about your manz falling out of love with you,
cheating because it’s wednesday,
80/20 and you the 80,
or throwing paws for the social forests to see.
let’s segway to arquez and his manz(?)…

was it that r&b singer that arquez claimed he topped?
( x we fonted about that here )

“Didn’t I tell you keep yo damn mouth shut?!”

all jokes aside…
like oprah’s “black love” show on OWN,
BIGO seems cursed.
every time someone goes on there,
all hell breaks loose in their lives.

3 thoughts on “arquez shows us #relationshipgoals on BIGO?

  1. Be careful with Arquez. He’s not someone you want to mess with.

    Nico’s Aesthetics YouTube account was briefly removed because Arquez reported a number of videos in which he was the centre. Arquez even reported videos that did not involve him.

  2. I wish all of these damaged, delusional, down bad in real life gays would go live during some weekly therapy sessions. Why are yall gays sooo obsessed w thinking yall should be famous?!?!

    Thank God I went straight n white, cus yall is tew murch.

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