tumblr_mor0yrWyPi1sqswuto1_500drake got that denial when he tried to get in the miami heat locker room.

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Lil Wayne’s Not Dead


the same thing he promoted so heavy,
is the same thing that nearly took him out this world.
this lil wayne situation has been an eye opener.
although it won’t stop people from getting high,
or from people signing with young money,
it goes to show you what comes with being “famous”.
not really.
it is all smoke and drank to numb your demons….

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Lil Wayne Fucked Chris Bosh’s Wife and Thinks Dwayne Wade is a “She”

weezy took these lyrics seriously:

You claim to be a player
But I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys
niggas fuck for Life – “Take Money”, 2pac

^this picture contradicts the following…

the heat threw him out of the american airlines arena for being a fan of the lakers,
so he decided to let them know how he felt at Stereo Live in Houston last night…

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Weezy and Baby Kissy Face on Rap City

I love how all these straight dudes
may just be secretly worshiping some bisexual cat.

…or should I say CATS?

That kinda tickles me for some reason.

No DOUBT Weezy is one of the best rappers in the game,
but his past is very… how can we say… questionable.

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Drake Takes A Bad Picture

Drake knows he is wrong for this…

He know he is real wrong for this GQ Man of the Year magazine cover.
I don’t think Drizzy is ugly, per say…

I thought he was quite handsome in the new Rihanna video:


But this picture….

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