Lil Wayne’s Not Dead


the same thing he promoted so heavy,
is the same thing that nearly took him out this world.
this lil wayne situation has been an eye opener.
although it won’t stop people from getting high,
or from people signing with young money,
it goes to show you what comes with being “famous”.
not really.
it is all smoke and drank to numb your demons….


there is more to this lil wayne story than meets the eye.
other celebs tweet pics to show they are in the hospital.
you know,
PR purposes.
there is no sign of weezy anywhere.
the fact that his camp said he was fine,
then tmz
(who is pretty credible about celeb deaths)
says he is near death,
wayne then tweets this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 11.13.16 AM

…which reportedly didn’t even come from his location at cedars.

something isn’t right.
side eying birdman
(in general)
and his statements.

makes me think he is worse than they are admitting.
i think they are trying to save face.
i will admit his team is doing a good job of keeping things a secret,
but i had to wonder about wayne the human?
wayne is one of the best rapper’s alive,
can do whatever he wants,
and is laid up in a hospital damn near brain dead.
let’s not even mention his tribe of kids everywhere.
he seems disturbed and been taken advantage of from a young age.

people think because they have this “talent”,
they will make it big in the business.
that may as well be true.
the talent starts building a team of people they know.
could be best friends,
acquaintances who are doing the same,
or their tight knit family.
somehow the talent gets noticed by someone with power.
the talent goes in for their first business meeting.
they end up liking the talent.
really the dollar signs that are shooting out from the talent’s ass.
they show the talent the perks of what it would be like to sign on the dotted lines.
the talent and their team celebrate when all things are a go.
that is when you get the ugly truth.
the talent has to cut their team to make room for the power’s empire.
the talent has no friends but the people they met after.
family may become users or give up on the talent.
the talent is now a machine,
slaving away until they waste away.
that is the part of this industry no one talks about.
the powers that be will take advantage of you.
the pedophiles preying on young talent.
the money hungry parents who are okay with it.
you think these people have your back and they don’t.
they prey on young and weak minded people,
fuck them (in more ways than one),
and once they are done with you,
throw you to the side for the next “talent”.
when you aren’t making anyone any money anymore,
that is when they start looking for your replacement.
you have the pressure of trying to make a hit,
shoot the perfect free throw,
or whatever it is that made you “the star”.
i see why many of them turn to drugs.
nicki minaj even admitted she now sees why artists are functioning junkies.
you may judge from the sidelines,
but trust me when i say,
there is so much evil shit these people go through/see.


i don’t know what the future holds for wayne.
this could be a really thought out publicity stunt for his new album.
he could be trying to kill himself slowly.
who knows?
all i know is that if you plan on getting in this business,
make sure you are strong enough to handle what comes with it.
it is all not buying expensive shit and “started from the bottom” records.
also make sure you know who you give your loyalty to.
even your best friends and family will sell their soul faster than you would.


people show their true colors when money is involved and once it’s gone.
let this wayne shit be a lesson for you.

lowkey: what happens to these vixens who have his kids and surviving on his child support?

5 thoughts on “Lil Wayne’s Not Dead

  1. i’ve said this severally. this is why i’m getting into “the business” not as no damn “model/rapper/singer/instagram whore/tumblr junkie” but as the power that slaves these hoes, I’m no captain save a ho if a bitch and/or nigga wishes to waste away i will give you the express ticket to hell. Scratch that, I will simply do my part and hopefully if you ask, you will receive. May he recover

  2. For one, all these celebs want to pop mollies and party all night with no sleep, and they are wondering why they have health issues. The entertainment lifestyle is not healthy to begin with. You have to fly and perform every damn where, which is stressful on the body mentally and physically. It’s one of the reasons why I think Beyonce and Amber Rose miscarried before giving finally carrying a baby to term. Amber doesn’t do nothing, but I can guaranteed you all that she is on the go a lot. You have to know when to sit your ass down and take a damn break. I know how to take breaks from drinking and partying, I have not drank in over a month. If I do not feel like doing it, I isolate myself from the crowd. You have to sometimes tell other people around you to fuck off, and leave you be.

  3. Lord Foxington, you couldn’t have said it better. I truly hope all if not most of your followers read this post of yours. It happens not just in the entertainment and sports worlds but throughout fields — academic and whatever. I do a lot of mentoring and have gotten some really good placements for youngins. I especially like to assist young LGBTs who often don’t have people looking out for them, many who are hiding their secrets. Whereas I will help many, I only, very strongly, recommend those who are strong and grounded. Competition out here, particularly today, is cut throat in all fields! To get someone in somewhere who’s not going to be able to fend for himself/herself will only devalue my clout for others who are grounded. Not everyone who has talent or has brains in a specific area is strong and grounded. Those character traits are key to making it and not going up in flames. Your true friends will pull you aside and “read” you when needed. I am grateful to have some really close friends where we have been there for each other over the years through thick and thin. Plus, my mother had a way of giving me her blunt opinion, even when it was unsolicited, but I appreciated it even when it got on my nerves because I knew it was always out of sincere love with my interests at heart. I was blessed to grow up in a family where we nurtured and supported each other. It all comes down to being honest with oneself and knowing what’s PR and what’s real. Sorry ’bout not breaking this down into paragraphs, but I’m on the run and wanted to post before getting caught up in other things. It’s already after 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon:(,

  4. this whole situation feels like a repeat of Tupac. His camp spent a week saying “he’s getting better” and then BOOM – he’s dead.

    1. ^its real weird how this is playing out.
      something will pop off in a few days or he will be released and fine.
      this is how you know this was a publicity stunt.

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