you attend one of your closest boy’s house parties one night.
it was one of his intimate “meet n greet” gatherings.
well this dude:


…was all up in your grill piece the whole night.
he impressed you.
you exchange numbers with him and ya’ll talk pretty much every night.
as you talk,
you find out he has no job,
is in school with good grades,
has a beautiful daughter but isn’t with the baby mama,
and has a nice ass crib in one of the nicest parts of the city.
he picks you up one night in this:


ya’ll go out and have a good night.
pays for every fuckin’ thing.
when he drops you off,
he parks the car and you ask him what he really does for a living.

he reveals to you that he does credit card scams.
return stolen items and get back money.
get people’s credit card information,
buy a bunch of shit,
and return it for cash.
buying shit on people’s credit cards.
you know how it go.
he got put on by your boy,
who you didn’t know does it as well.
he says he won’t get you involved,
but he is feeling you type heavy.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (53)”

  1. My mouth literally opened when I read credit card scams. He knows better than that. He is a great looking guy, but I have gotten in trouble in the past fooling with the wrong people. I would cut him off.

  2. I would still be cool with him, but I wouldn’t proceed in developing a relationship with him. Crime is crime, and if I let you get away with thinking that I’m cool with that shit, then you’ll subject to cheat from me, steal from me, and set me up for a fall. No-sir-ree-bob!

    1. can’t even fuck. dude has already proven himself not worthy of trust. We can play Ruzzle, but that’s about it.

  3. shittt you want my honesty? I’ll play along and along the way LAYYYYY out all my financial neeeeeeedddss on my “baby” to take care of the person he’s feeling…that money can’t all be spent on himself. psst can i get a mercedes for my birthday 😀

  4. I’d thank him for the nice evening and say, ” Sorry, I can’t.” There is no way in hell I would do anything with him. And, learning that my boy was doing the same thing, I’d drop him, too. Not interested being in association with criminals. Nobody doing something like that is worth it. Now, if I considered him supper fine, I could possibly see myself masterbating while fantasizing about him, but it would be at home, alone. But, more than likely, I doubt if I’d even do that.

  5. I’ve experienced this before. It sucks when you meet a dude, vibe with him, become attracted to him, and then find out he’s a fraud. A faud with no shame either. How you just come out and tell somebody you steal credit? Like I’m supposed to be like “Bruh… me too!” The hell? smh. There are more than a few dudes that are into credit jacking where I’m at. Mostly those club kids, but I guess some thugs done found their way to it as well. Smh.

  6. Seas and disist cause I don’t need and more trouble in my life. Yea he cute and all but if you gota scam to make it then you can make it with out me. Hell people work to hard for there money

  7. Can i be honest?!??!! i’d fuck him and then that would be it….i don’t have to marry you and nor do i have to partake in your illegal activities…at least you kept it real with me and notified me prior….who knows of the things my family or friends do on their personal time, i think for someone to lay it on the table like that up front is bold…but like i said after that night no more conversations or anything….

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