special delivery.

we haven’t done one of these in a longgggggg time.
you guys sent in some great entries before.
today my favorite assologist/readers/commentors,
who happens to be a wolf,
sent in his own cakes for your viewing pleasure.
this is a great way to start your saturday afternoon.
mine included...


well those are some nice wolfy butt cheeks,
don’t you agree?
hands down,
wolves have the best handle bars.
nothing looks better than a wolf who is proportionate in the front and back.
keep those fat ass cheeks cummin!

if you are a wolf, hybrid, or fox and you want to send in your cakes,
please send me an email at: jamarifox@insidejamarifox.com or CONTACT

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “RISE OF THE FOXTAILS: WOLF EDITION (12)”

  1. Oh god here we go with this again lol. Not only did dude give us an ass shot, but a partial face shot also. That is bold as hell, and I would never lol. I’m wondering who is?

    1. I think ol dude is in a gym, it looks to be anyways. You know Jamari does not know how to use the machines lol. Wouldn’t it be nice if he did show us that ass tho? That’s who I am trying to see lol.

  2. “He got a big booty, call him big booty” I like the boldness of this guy and of course the cakes with those colorful sprinkles. Whomever those cakes belong to, I have given you a new name. That name is….Hostess. LMAO.I think I have a clue who this young sir might be.

  3. if i were to guess i’ll say that is that Yngblkwolf or something like that his name goes, otherwise who is that, he knows he wants some good pipe on the low

    1. It’s not him, he hasn’t been here in months, and he is a lil darker than this dude, I think. Whoever it is has to feel comfortable here in order to show their face, so it has to be someone in the comment section. Judging from the pic he is in his mid to late 20’s. The only Wolves on here that I know of is me, you, BBB, and Old Head. I do know BBB came here yesterday morning for the first time in a lil while, so he is my guess.

  4. I find it fascinating how dudes wear colorful underwear. They’re like animals trying to attract a mate, letting you know they’ve reached sexual maturity and they’re ready to mate. Lol

  5. I think this is Ron… But I remember it being even larger. *shrugs* Maybe from the side. That islander definitely has cake.

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