Idris Elba Does “Daddy”

it is no doubt that idris elba is a sexy older wolf.
he is getting better with age.
check this photo shoot he had for “essence magazine”
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Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne Collab In “Give Us Your Statement”

and someday,
all that you do comes back to you.
who knew ^those two would be connected in more than a hot track?
well it looks like chris brown and lil wayne are connected in an alleged hot drug investigation.
this is what tmz had to report…
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Sherrod Belton Is Now Lean(er) Meat

^this is how i remember sherrod belton.
that is why i ( x posted about him ).
that and his gigantic muscle tail.
well a foxholer sent me some devastating news earlier.
sherrod don’t look like that no more.
he has been training for the “texas cup 2016” fitness competition.
well this is what he looks like now
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Lil Wayne’s Not Dead


the same thing he promoted so heavy,
is the same thing that nearly took him out this world.
this lil wayne situation has been an eye opener.
although it won’t stop people from getting high,
or from people signing with young money,
it goes to show you what comes with being “famous”.
not really.
it is all smoke and drank to numb your demons….

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