Sherrod Belton Is Now Lean(er) Meat

^this is how i remember sherrod belton.
that is why i ( x posted about him ).
that and his gigantic muscle tail.
well a foxholer sent me some devastating news earlier.
sherrod don’t look like that no more.
he has been training for the “texas cup 2016” fitness competition.
well this is what he looks like now

i was startled when my foxholer sent me the pictures.
i didn’t even want to believe it.
he looks better with grade a beef:

his face looks better when he has weight on.
let’s hope he can get back to ^that soon.

lowkey: his skin use to be so clear back in the day.
he needs to find a good derm to clear that up.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Sherrod Belton Is Now Lean(er) Meat”

  1. He’s cutting to compete. Body builders try to get to the lowest amount of body fat possible while retaining muscle, it stops looking nice when you get to a very low body fat percentage though. He’ll be back to his sexy, beefy self in no time, probably with more muscle too.

  2. I sure do love looking at Sherrod, but baby get that weight back on. SN: Not only is Sherrod attractive, but I love the way he talks with that deep country ass accent.

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