Kim Kardashian Starts Her Comeback… With An Alleged Affair?

we legit haven’t seen kim kardashian since that robbery in paris.
i’m starting to think it was real.
you know she couldn’t go into hiding for too long before all that happened.
there has been way too many opportunities for her to show face.


well it seems she is allegedly occupied.
not with her husband tho.
word in the forest is she is having an affair.
with a baller wolf.
well according to terez owens

We reported the rumors that Kim Kardashian allegedly was cheating on Kanye with a Raiders player, not sure if it’s true, but now we’ve been tipped off that the player in question is Marquette King, the Raiders flamboyant punter. How the Raiders got mixed up with the Kardashians is anyone’s guess, but you know if there’s any truth to it, consider the Raiders season over. The Kardashian effect is Real, just ask Kanye, Lamar, and Scott Disick.-TO

from one attentionisto to another…

good work kim!
let’s peep the salary on this baller wolf:

Marquette King signed a 5 year, $16,500,000 contract with the Oakland Raiders, including a $250,000 signing bonus, $7,750,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $3,300,000.

i don’t know if this is true,
but at this time in her life,
she may need to take what she can get.
i doubt anyone with serious pull will claim her.
she is sorta damaged goods now.

two cubs
a crazy baby daddy
on an off weight gain
stupendous over exposure

she could as well turn her life over to God and get a mega church pastor.

lowkey: honestly,
i’m hoping for a heavy reggie bush comeback.

i always felt he was the love of her life.
that attentionista was dressing fly af when she was with him.
i’ll allow “that woman” to write that in the script for next season.

article taken: terez owens

pictures and videos: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Starts Her Comeback… With An Alleged Affair?”

  1. Not her type, but I don’t doubt she’s set her sight on someone and this might be to throw everyone off.

    Keep in mind she creeped on Reggie and Chris Humphries.

  2. When I read mega church pastor I chuckled because last week I read an article about Reverend Jamal Bryant dating the singer Tweet,they have been dating awhile.Kim with a pastor.Lol

    As for Kim, Lipstick Alley has had stories about her cheating and about Kanye attempting suicide after some guy(not Riccardo Tisci) ended their relationship.I don’t believe any of it until there is proof.They also had a rumor on there about Maxwell being in a relationship with Miguel.I don’t believe it but they would make a cute couple😀

    Remember this BS was on Lipstick Alley,the site that assumes almost every black male celebrity is on the DL.

  3. i dont believe she’s cheating but i do believe that she was really robbed. I feel like if she was doing it for attention she would have scheduled interviews and etc right after it happened but she withdraw and has kinda remained withdrawn even still.

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