I Want To Get Smashed By The Best Buy Security Guard Wolf

so i need some new headphones.
i want to hear my music in better quality.
since i have this new gig,
i can afford to treat myself to something fancy.
i decided to go to best buy after work tonight.
that is when i saw him,

the sexy security guard wolf
i didn’t go back to best buy after ( x that last incident ).
i kinda forgot,
but now that i have more bread,
i definitely plan on being in there more often.

he looked better than he did last time.
this time,
his waves were high tide.
i don’t remember his bottom lip being as pink as it was.
i was all up in his face last time.
i don’t know if his shirt got tighter,
but his chest was bigger and more defined in that yellow shirt.

i want him and i want him now!

so as i’m in the headphones section,
he comes over assisting some older vixen.
i was legit gonna ask him to help me with the headphones after.
she was cock blocking,
asking him a ton of questions like he worked in that section.
that was what i was planning on doing.

“MOVE YOUR ASS LADY!” i screamed in my head.

someone heard me complaining because a vixen who worked there came over.
i made small talk,
charmed her a little,
and asked about different headphones.
i was still scoping him from my peripherals tho.
i think he peeped me checkin him at one point.
after he was done helping her,
he walked over to us with some headphones.

“i saw these over there on the floor.”

oh did you?
he came over to where i was standing and slowly put them on the shelf.
baby we can go right here
he smiled at me before he turned around.
as he made small talk with the vixen who was helping me,
i was looking at the muscles on his shoulders.

his back.
dear God,
his muscular back…

when he was leaving,
he turned and looked at me again.
he smiled and walked away.
i tried not to watch his fat tail,
but it was hard.
well i was hard.
i want to jack off about 8 times because of him now.
that means ima make sure i fuck him good.
he needs to be fucked foxtail good.

i decided i want a number of things from out of that store.
i’ll be going back in spurts and looking my best.
i’m going to find out his name and penis size.
i’ll start with his name.

lowkey: i decided i want bose headphones.
they a grip tho,
and sheesh,
but the sound was amazing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I Want To Get Smashed By The Best Buy Security Guard Wolf”

  1. Jamari, this is what I am talking about. You seem happy since last week when you got hired and it’s showing in your writing. Get at that security wolf lol. It’s time for you to play FBI: I know he had to have a name tag, facebook search his name and see if his profile shows up. Go for yours Jamari everything else is starting to fall in place for you, a man is next.

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