I Want To Get Smashed By The Best Buy Security Guard Wolf

so i need some new headphones.
i want to hear my music in better quality.
since i have this new gig,
i can afford to treat myself to something fancy.
i decided to go to best buy after work tonight.
that is when i saw him,
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Best Buy Has The Sexiest Security Guards


i remember the days i use to think i was invisible to wolves.
that i was wearing some kind of invisibility cape.
something similar to harry potters.
well as of late,
it seems like something has changed.
i don’t know if my third eye has opened up,
my chakras have been cleared,
or voodoo has been lifted,
but wolves “see” me now.
they look in my direction a lot longer.
eye contact tends to be a lot deeper.
take the security guard wolf in best buy just now…
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Does Best Buy Have A “Best Laid” Protection Plan?

remember this entry:

Who Woulda Thunk Home Depot Had All Kind of Woods, Drills, and Pipes?

i quickly mentioned how:

best-buy… has some fine ass wolves,
and foxes usually working there?
well one of my f-bi who commented in that entry wanted to prove my point…

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Wolf Got That “Sex Swagg”

It has been a BIG. ASS. DICK. kind of weekend.
I have been bombarded with messages of big, small, and everything in-between.
I have been talking penis from Friday to Sunday.
I have no complaints.

Well, FanofJamari sent me a comment in BIG. ASS. DICK.
and it went something like this:

Can we try to settle this debate once and for all. First it was this:

Now this blog post. First about me: I’m in my last phases as a W.I.T. (Wolf In Training). I have a steady career (not a job, there is a BIG difference), my own crib, no kids, and comfortable finances (got my Suze Orman-approved 1 year emergency fund, which won’t allow me to ball out of control like Devin, but I can certainly help a fox out with rent, cell phone, and the sporadic shopping spree at Best Buy). And if you allow me to be superficial, I think my body pretty tight (less NFL, but more PapiThugz model). The only area why I come up short is….um, well, you know. It’s about 6″, nothing that will scare off a fox. Dudes I’m wit never complain, and when I was going through my experimentation phase, females never complained. I’m a little naive in thinking that this conversation will be resolved with this blog post, but can someone let a W.I.T. what is acceptable in terms of dick size??

I included my personal info just to let yall know that I’m a pretty nice guy. In my experiences, big dicks are sometimes attached to men who ARE big dicks.”

Let’s get it…

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Best Buy Booty Call

Hey Foxes.

Jamari here with a photo to share.

I am crushing pretty hard on a partcicular dude that works at Best Buy. Trust me when I say, the view from the front is just as good from the back. He is a little short but, I don’t mind sitting on that mushroom….

Something about the dudes who work in Best Buy….

Anyway, I went in there earlier today and it was all eyes on me. I hate when they play the staring game. Come and ask me something!

Keep you posted.

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