Best Buy Has The Sexiest Security Guards


i remember the days i use to think i was invisible to wolves.
that i was wearing some kind of invisibility cape.
something similar to harry potters.
well as of late,
it seems like something has changed.
i don’t know if my third eye has opened up,
my chakras have been cleared,
or voodoo has been lifted,
but wolves “see” me now.
they look in my direction a lot longer.
eye contact tends to be a lot deeper.
take the security guard wolf in best buy just now…

so i went to best buy to check out nba2k7.
i wanted something new to play on my ps4.
of course,
they were all sold out.
i went over to check to see if they had the new iphone 7.
as i was walking over to the phones,
i saw the security guard wolf who is assigned to check your bag before you leave.
he was:

dark brown
strong jaw line
beautiful brown eyes
lean to muscular build
nice tail (wasn’t too big or small)

giphyyou could tell he had bawdy under his yellow uniform shirt.
in front of him,
was what appeared to be a fox.
he had on:

head wrap
knee high boots
tight jeans
what appeared to be a blouse

it seemed that fox saw him first.
he had an “issue” with something,
but i already knew the deal.

He was trying to get fucked

tumblr_n65ujqcuao1s6cv4ro1_500i ended up buying something and went over to the register.
when i did,
a large latino wolf was trying to diffuse the situation.
he wasn’t in uniform,
but appeared to hired as undercover.
i don’t know what happened,
but he left shortly after.
i was going to have the next round.
i went over to the dark brown wolf to check my bag.

“thank you boss.”

he said,
marking my receipt and looking in my eyes.

“you’re welcome.
you have a good day.”

i said,
also keeping eye contact.
i couldn’t help making a quick scan his face.
those dark red lips.
that jaw line.

“you too boss.”

he said it in a sexy low tone with a smile.
i walked out the store.
i’ll be back there next week for something tho.

I’m trying to get fucked too.

tumblr_n01oovl6rn1qhg1oco1_500lowkey: i don’t know what has been happening to me,
but i feel different.
i guess i’ve embraced “fuck it” and “werewolf”.

10 thoughts on “Best Buy Has The Sexiest Security Guards

  1. Jamari you better push through, I’m liking no loving post like this. I feel that your season is about to happen sooner than later. New career, new man, I’m calling it.

  2. Jamari, you have been of the chain as of late with all of these glances and catching the eyes of other men.

    1. ^im coming up out that slump!
      i don’t care anymore and i think that’s what’s making life a lot easier for me now.
      im focused on me and the world suddenly opened.

  3. Look at you catching all these wolves eyes lol

    After such a long period of drama and stress with WW, job, and life it’s nice to see your confidence coming back to ya. I think there’s a say that says” everybody has their season” maybe Fall 2016 is yours

    1. ^i really feel like i have arrived on another side of my mountain.
      i actually exhaled at how far i came.
      i was really depressed,
      but i’m pulling myself out of it.
      i don’t care as much about things that bothered me anymore.
      i’ve seen the light now!

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