Jayceon Taylor aka The Game Gets Some (Snoozer) Leakage?

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-9-41-43-pmwhen i think of jayceon taylor and sex,
i think of a damn good time.
he does happen to be a lowkey ratchet fantasy of mine.
someone leaked an alleged sex tape starring jayceon and some random vixen.
this is what fameolous had to show us…


is that it?
that seemed very “my momma downstairs so we gotta be quiet”.
maybe that vixen he was engaged to was in the house?
or was that her?

where was the other positions?
where was the straight banging?
where was the noise?

i’m underwhelmed.

let’s hope there is more because that wasn’t a good start.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Jayceon Taylor aka The Game Gets Some (Snoozer) Leakage?”

  1. Your really can’t tell if its really him. I love the missionary position but I think, if I know what he was working with it would make it more interesting.

      1. after seeing the “alleged” sex tape, I just want to say *cues music* hell to naw to the naw naw naw hell to the naw! hell to the naw naw to the naw naw to the naw naw hell to the naw!

  2. Was that it? Even from the view we had, the stroke looked very subpar. After posting all those print pics on social media, he fails to deliver when it counts the most.

  3. I’ve never really been into him like that. Everybody started thirsting over him because of all of those “eggplant” pics, like they haven’t seen a big d*ck before lol, but he’s kind of corny to me. lol

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