Wolf Got That “Sex Swagg”

It has been a BIG. ASS. DICK. kind of weekend.
I have been bombarded with messages of big, small, and everything in-between.
I have been talking penis from Friday to Sunday.
I have no complaints.

Well, FanofJamari sent me a comment in BIG. ASS. DICK.
and it went something like this:

Can we try to settle this debate once and for all. First it was this:

Now this blog post. First about me: I’m in my last phases as a W.I.T. (Wolf In Training). I have a steady career (not a job, there is a BIG difference), my own crib, no kids, and comfortable finances (got my Suze Orman-approved 1 year emergency fund, which won’t allow me to ball out of control like Devin, but I can certainly help a fox out with rent, cell phone, and the sporadic shopping spree at Best Buy). And if you allow me to be superficial, I think my body pretty tight (less NFL, but more PapiThugz model). The only area why I come up short is….um, well, you know. It’s about 6″, nothing that will scare off a fox. Dudes I’m wit never complain, and when I was going through my experimentation phase, females never complained. I’m a little naive in thinking that this conversation will be resolved with this blog post, but can someone let a W.I.T. what is acceptable in terms of dick size??

I included my personal info just to let yall know that I’m a pretty nice guy. In my experiences, big dicks are sometimes attached to men who ARE big dicks.”

Let’s get it…

Well FanofJamari,
you sound like the Wolf of my dreams.
Well of all of our dreams, to be honest.
You sound like a good Wolf financially.
It is ALWAYS refreshing to actually hear from a baller and not an aspiring one.
But seriously, your comment raised for great conversation.

Now, in my opinion,
A 6″ – 8″ is the standard perfect size for a Foxhole.
Here is why…

Foxholes are not like like pussies.
They do not stretch to accommodate what is being put inside.
Women can complain because their Foxholes require something to fill them up.
They push babies out of that thing so, nuff said.
For a Fox,
it can be an uncomfortable experience when you are literally feeling that thing re-arranging your guts.

I leave the fisting and heavy metal work for my white Foxes out there.

I always believed the way to make a small dick work is all in the stroke.

A great stroke will keep your Fox very happy.

You ever hear a Fox going bananas for a particular Wolf to fuck them again?
Even with Female Foxes, they sound like fiends for fucking?

My favorite slogan: That Wolf Fucked Them Damn Near Stupid.
That WOLF has that SEX SWAGG in the bedroom.

If Wolves stopped being so selfish with the dick and eager to nut, try this on for size:

It is the way you stroke slowly at the right time
The right time to beat it up
Changing positions that accommodate the right spots to hit
Grinding into the Foxhole during those brief interludes
Talking dirty at the right time
Can tell by the right moans, movements, scratches, and grips on your body 



My body is talking when you are fucking me, but are you listening? 



… Foxes would forget about the size of the dick and treat that dick like it was made of platinum.

If I actually want you to stop cause I can’t take anymore
I feel myself getting ready to cry
or I knock out right afterwards – job well done.
As a Wolf with “Sex Swagg“:

Your goal is TO PUT IN WORK!
Something Wolves of all lifestyles fail to remember.

You never want people you fucked saying you cannot fuck.
It doesn’t even matter the amount of time you get fucked either.
A Wolf can fuck your brains out in 5 minutes flat and it is  usually the passion he invested in it.

So as long as you aren’t getting complaints,
things are good.

Hope that answered your question…
But, umm, FanofJamari…

lol jk (maybe…)


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Wolf Got That “Sex Swagg””

  1. Thanks Jamari.
    You helped assuage any of my fears. And if you ever in St. Louis, its 314-82X-XXXX, LOL JK, not really, dead ass serious ;-).

  2. Yup. 6 to 8. Just right. But if that tongue game is right, sometime it doesn’t matter how big it is really lol. It’s important to be passionate during sex. Some men can be very disconnected and using us like we’re their hand. Too often you have guys going at it like they’re trying to make a porn flick. I think its important to remind these men that PORN is not REAL. Do not think what you see in it is what really goes on. Most of those “models” have no walls so it like stickin’ it to a glass of water.

  3. Just pay attention to your Fox’s body – play it like a fine-tuned insturment – and he’ll be all yours 😉

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