DeAndre Wasn’t Playing LOL!

DeAndre must have put the heat on young @V0ndell.
Homeboi retracted his statements…

  1. To all of @SouljaBoy ‘s fans Im sorry. I wasnt thinking at all. Im really not a bad person at all. I feel terrible for what I’ve done. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  2. @SouljaBoy I know I cant take back what I did. Believe me if I could I would. No fame is so important someones career should suffer. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  3. @SouljaBoy I know you’ve been through a lot with your album dropping and your mag cover. I didnt want to be another negative. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  4. @SouljaBoy If you’d like I’ll send a video to #wshh to make sure this rumor is put to rest I really hope I havnt affected your career. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  5. @SouljaBoy For the ones giving you shit about your cover with @50cent dont worry about them. You making your money. Great job. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  6. @SouljaBoy I know it was very wrong of me to do what I did. I do respect you. You are a very hard working dude. You deserve all your fame. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  7. @SouljaBoy If I hurt you/pissed you off with that rumor I started Im deeply sorry. Im not like @ihateKatStacks. I wasnt thinking at all. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  8. @FuturisticSODMG I like @SouljaBoy I have no problem with him. I just wasnt thinking straight when I made that video.


  1. Yes the story on @SouljaBoy is false. The 24h+ hours wasnt worth it at all. God I hope he’s okay. If anything happened to him I just.. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  2. If I woke up tomorrow morning to find out @SouljaBoy killed himself I could never live with that kind of guilt. I had to tell the truth. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  3. I acted like @ihateKatStacks for the past few days and now I feel horrible. Im so sorry @SouljaBoy. I hope your okay. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  4. I really didnt think that rumor I started about @SouljaBoy would get as big as it has become. This is 1 thing I will always regret. Always. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  5. If anyone has heard from @SouljaBoy please let me know. Im worried about him. He hasnt tweeted in a day now. Im really concerned for him. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  6. To the people at @Bossip Im sorry for making up that false story. I wasnt thinking. I am so sorry I’ll never be able to apoligize enough. about 2 hours ago via Tweet-Tweet Login Helper
  7. I was crazy for thinking starting a rumor about @SouljaBoy would be good for me breaking into the industry. I made a huge mistake.

This was before his Twitter page was erased.

Now, to those who WATCHED the video (click here),
he did say that Soulja Boy had his Twitter login information.

S/N: why would you give him your personal login info?
that already looks messy.

Something inside is telling me either that was written by someone
OR he was told to write that.
Doesn’t it look… scripted?
DeAndre could have sued the SHIT out of him.
Judging from that hat he was wearing in his video,
he wouldn’t have gotten much.

If he did lie,
@V0ndell is a real ASSHOLE.
How you just gonna create a fake video and put your face out there?
Once you do something like that in cyberspace, it cannot be erased.
Therefore, you and your acting career would be OVER.
Plus, you opened yourself for a muthafucka of a lawsuit.
Dumb. Ass.

Common sense ain’t so common.

So Chubby with the Louie and @V0ndell have bit the dust.
Who is next on the outing of DeAndre?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “DeAndre Wasn’t Playing LOL!”

    1. I agree.
      What these “girls” do for attention.
      I hope he becomes a social outcast for such a stupid joke.

      BUT, I still feel it did happen and Soulja Boy got up in that ass.
      His tweets look real suspect.
      Almost like he was threatened to write that.

      Something in the milk ain’t clean.

  1. I agree with UrSoVain. maybe they Vanilla Iced him( you know… hung him over a balcony by his ankles). jK 🙂 When black folks gonna learn that bootleg celebrity sex confessions don’t work for us. That is white Fox territory. They get TV shows and endorsements. Black folks just come up short with no $ and an dishonorable mention on MediaTakeOut and WorldStarHipHop.

  2. UrSoVain :

    Maybe he was threatened? That isn’t crazy. I don’t know why he said soulja boi would kill himself though. That’s a little extreme.

    That is the part that looks funny.
    When you read it and really look at it,
    it looks contrived.
    When I looked at his wall,
    he didn’t even tweet like that.

    My Fox sense is onto something…

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