Does Best Buy Have A “Best Laid” Protection Plan?

remember this entry:

Who Woulda Thunk Home Depot Had All Kind of Woods, Drills, and Pipes?

i quickly mentioned how:

best-buy… has some fine ass wolves,
and foxes usually working there?
well one of my f-bi who commented in that entry wanted to prove my point…

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 6.02.18 PMimagine walking in best buy and seeing that in the computer aisle?
i’d fuck around and get that PLUS an imac.
i do get what i want.
speaking of that,
everyone meet terron beckham:

…my b.
it literally came on as i was writing this.

hey terron.
you know i been checkin you since i saw you in krave magazine?
welcome to my foxhole.

tumblr_mkwk0u3IHL1qikf1go1_500we should be friends.

lowkey: if you check terron’s twitter,
you will see just why he may like the foxhole too:

x terronthebest


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Does Best Buy Have A “Best Laid” Protection Plan?”

    1. They are in there early in the morning at Walmart too. If you are smart you might be able to get banged out in the gardening department in the back of the store.

      1. *eyebrows raised*

        You have something to share with the class?

        Guess I’ll be more vigilant next time I’m in the gardening department. Lmao

  1. I checked that Twitter wall, and I almost fainted. Looks to me he gets down. Lot of men on his wall, including the dude from RHOA.

  2. Terron is cute but that’s a [URL=”″]fake[/URL] [URL=”″]twitter[/URL].

  3. Terron is cute but I think that’s a [URL=”″]fake[/URL] [URL=”″]twitter[/URL].

  4. Damn Jamari you be on top of it, I had a feeling that this story was going to be about Terron when I saw the Best Buy tagline, I just saw a pic of him this weekend on Tumblr in his work outfit, I remember when you featured this dude on the foxhole a while back, he stood out for being so damn fine at such a young age. These model boys and trainers should thank you for giving them so much exposure. On to Terron, I had no idea he played for the team. Wow, that is shocking, was going through his twitter pictures and he pretty much confirmed it, saying he likes the best of both worlds, but one pic he says he missed this dude, I had to pick myself up off the floor. He is nice to the eyes, and for the most part does not seem to be an attention whore like so many who are blessed with good looks and a nice body. It just so happens that I have to go to Houston on business next month, and I see many of the boys you feature on the foxhole are down there lol, got to go to Best Buy to see this dude in person, to see if he lives up to his pics. On another note, I see that your site was linked by Mediatakeout today, you doing it big bro…..

      1. The Sisqo nude pics lol, I would have thought they would have linked to Funky Dineva since she broke the story, but actually the link directed you to the foxhole to look at the pics and it had about 400,000 views when I seen it earlier, so man you are probably really going to blow up.

  5. Terron is cute but that twitter might be fake.




    1. Aw damn man I think you may be right, I cant believe that these people are out here doing this to others character and reputation, I think the same thing happened to attention whore George Hill, someone pretending to be him on a fake twitter acct. and implying that he gets down, wow who would think just everyday non celebs are getting fake twitters made about them. Now I dont know what to think about this, maybe it will be cleared up. Will the real Terron please stand up. I am all for him playing for the team, but if he is not, thats cool too, dont like no shady BS trying to defame a dudes character because he is cute, and a gay mans ideal.

      1. ^we may be catfished.
        that’s really fucked up too.
        god forbid some gay dude goes up to him thinking he gets down in real life and gets his face cracked.
        people really shouldn’t do that because that is leading people on.
        the “fake” terron has over 1,000+ followers.

  6. Wow. Now that is messed up tho. But Tajan is right. Whoever created the fake profile has no life. In any case, he is easy on the eyes.

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