so you felt lucky today.
something inside you said to play the lottery.
you decided to follow your spirit.
you go and buy your ticket:

325402-find_winning_lottery_ticket_floor_shop_dowhen it came time to draw the numbers.
this shows up…


you know you just won.
it’s okay.
you can faint.

tumblr_inline_mkijtr0g461qz4rgpthe jackpot:


who do you tell first?

what will you do with that gwop?
who are givin’ some cheese too?
will you have them announce you won at a press conference?
what will you tell everyone who knows you suddenly/wants money?


Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (56)”

  1. I tell my parents first.
    I hire a financial planner.
    I put half of my winnings up in spread out accounts.
    I do NOT quit my job! I’ll try to work out something where I can stay on part time and keep my benefits.
    I pay off my parent’s bills for 5 years and pay off all of their debt.
    I pay off my siblings debt and help them get better established. SLOWLY
    Nobody gets cash money up front just because!! Seed money will be given to help establish businesses.
    There will be no press conference.
    My phone number will change immediately and my emails cancelled.
    #that’s all

      1. dont quote on this, but I believe in some states depending on the drawing, it is mandatory that you announce the winner, which is why some people hire an attorney to be the spokesperson for whoever won.

  2. I concur with over it. and since I love my career I wouldn’t quit or go part time at all, but I think they would get more mouth out of me whenever my bosses have gotten out of line. The bills would be paid, US Dept of Ed would get their money and Sally. Only my immediate family and those who helped raised me will get some money…I’d splurge a bit, but this is after EVERYTHING I owed is paid off and then invest in some real estate…time to play some Monopoly.

  3. I’d tell my mom.
    I’d call my lawyer who can handle all the press-related nonsense. But before the announcement, I’d move from my current location, quit my job, & change numbers.
    I’d give my parents and grandparents cash upfront.
    I’d be very selective about who else gets a one-time gift. You have to be currently doing something with your life and not sitting on your ass.

  4. Tell My mother
    Then Get a whole bunch of foreign accounts to hold my money
    Move away to another state lol
    and change my number and emails
    And act normal

  5. Jay no its not badd at all. I would do the same thing. Basically just take care of my mom and bros. I’d not let anyone know give my dad 5 million and tell him thank you for his sperm and keep it moving. I would change anything else though. I’d have my attorney friend accept for me and then just finish school and continue working my job assisting in planning corporate events. I’d remodel my condo, and buy myself an Audi Q7 but i’d really pretend the money doesn’t exist while I consult with a planner on how to make it grow

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