charles does marvin bienaime (and i’d love to watch)

scandals aside,
marvin bienaime knows how to keep us interested.
whether it’s in his background or foreground,
you can’t say he isn’t talented.
that would be a lie.
as a blogger,
it’s my passion to give an honest opinion to those who read.
if i was in it for the favoritism,
i probably wouldn’t enjoy doing this as much.
a good blogger won’t always be liked,
but those around him know he/she will be honest.
so lets into charles,
he’s the latest to be getting done by marvin.
this is the caption marvin teased us with:

and a foxholer alerted me to this video…
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Aunt Wendy Ain’t Going Down That Easy (Well…)

i’ve seen some disturbing shit in my young life,
but this was a doozy.
no pun intended.
so wendy williams collapsed on live tv today.
this is how it went down.
no pun intended…
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Hillary Clinton Just Needs Sum Tussin, Is All

if you’ve heard

What’s up wit Hillary Clinton?

she has all the forests talking about her fainting episode today.
this is what the new york times had to say…
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“If I Had To Mess With A DL…”


i mean safe sex is a must.
i know this topic is taboo and all,
but i don’t particular give a damn.
my inner werewolf felt like being…
i gotta let my ratchet side out for air sometimes.

so this video,
taken from ilykeembig on pornhub,
definitely features a wolf that fits my “dl description”

(oh and this is DEF nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes unless curious”)

this is not for the cubs.

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August Turned Into Fall Real Quick

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.39.30 PMso my f-bi has been updating me with this story all day.
thank ya!
our favorite ratch-eteer,
august alsina,
passed out at a concert he was having in new yawk last night.
of course there is video of his fall from grace
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so you felt lucky today.
something inside you said to play the lottery.
you decided to follow your spirit.
you go and buy your ticket:

325402-find_winning_lottery_ticket_floor_shop_dowhen it came time to draw the numbers.
this shows up…

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