Aunt Wendy Ain’t Going Down That Easy (Well…)

i’ve seen some disturbing shit in my young life,
but this was a doozy.
no pun intended.
so wendy williams collapsed on live tv today.
this is how it went down.
no pun intended…

i’ll be 100,
when i watched that clip at work,
i thought aunt wendy dropped dead on national tv today.

the way she looked when she stumbled backwards
the look of pure terror in her eyes
the pause and then how she dropped

that was absolutely horrific to watch.
i was so scared for her.
according wendy,
her “statue of liberty” costume caused her to overheat.
she acts like she was wearing a gorilla costume.
the conspiracy theories on what happened are more believable.
the slurring of her words before she dropped…
that looked like she had a mini alleged stroke.
that didn’t look like regular fainting.

she did get back up to finish the show…

…and i hope she went to the doctor right after.
i know the show must go on and all,
but health always trumps that.
she says she will explain what happened tomorrow.
according to this video from “industry on blast”,
wendy is home and hydrated:

take care of yourself aunt wendy!

lowkey: those who are laughing at her,
like 50:

i know wendy has had some problematic moments,
but this incident isn’t funny.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Aunt Wendy Ain’t Going Down That Easy (Well…)

  1. I was shocked to see something like this happen live, and to see her just freeze in the middle of the show? Yeah, that must have been something and she needs to sit her ass down! Although this is an accident, I bet it will bring her more publicity. It makes me wonder also about her personal life or supposed marital issue or if she skipped a couple of meals?

  2. Yea. That was super scary. The thing about Wendy and a Whitney is that we legit grew up with them. They talk straight and are messy like a real aunt. So we don’t want to see this type of stuff happen. She’s in her 50s. Overworked. Going through menopause. Vegan. All that dippin n doin. She really needs to just fall back.

  3. 50 cent is garbage.I know she talks about him a lot on her show, but it’s because he’s a douche anyway. We all know WW is a talker, but he stays showing his true disgusting character. That there in the video is scary, nothing to laugh at, at all, that could have ended a lot worse. I’m glad she’s okay,I know her co hosts must have been terrified.

    I almost don’t want to watch Power because of him (even though I heard the show is pretty good)

  4. Whew I was not ready for this when I saw it today, I legit thought it was a joke until everyone started tagging me and calling me and I was able to read up on what allegedly happened. Sadly I think she may be not sleeping and eating due to trouble at home. It is hard loving someone and they are on the other side of town with their mistress and you are in your bed cold and alone, that shit will drive anyone crazy. I hope she is not back on the sauce but my gut tell me that she probably is on something to cope with all the pressure. Success will knock the wind out of anyone. Wendy take care of yourself.

    As for Ms. Power Bottom aka Curtis “I turn tricks for 50cent” Jackson, just you wait Sweetie, Karma will come knocking at your messy door real soon ask Steve Harvey.

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with Wendy. Only when she says outrageous things (but that’s why we watch her lol). But generally I do like her, I really admire her hustle & I love when she talks about her early days when she was in college or radio because it’s nice to hear a story about someone who genuinely was on the come up and merited their way to the top. And she isn’t stupid either, so she has really grown on me over the years. I was a bit scared for her too, that fall looked strong.

    50 Cent needs to disappear, he is so annoying.

    1. I concur with the love/hate relationship. Usually I don’t entertain people like her, but she’s entertaining. I don’t take her too seriously, just watch her for a light-hearted laugh.

  6. I feel bad that she fainted. But I can’t help but feel that if it was another celebrity she would have made a smart comment about them the next day on her show and alluded to that person being on drugs. That’s just how she is. Either way I hope she was able to get tickets a doctor after the show wrapped

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