What Don’t Kill Us… (New Yawk)


that’s how much an uber would cost me tonight.
i couldn’t afford it so i decided to take a chance on the train.
a train i knew would be delayed af.
everyone was on high alert in that train station.
it was like we were mad af at all the delays,
but still staying on high alert.
this is a tough city,
but even acts of terrorism can bring us to our knees.

i’m glad to have gotten home safe tonight.
it was a quick ride home.
i’m sure it always is,
but tonight,
i was counting every single stop.
i hope my fellow new yawk foxhole got home safe as well.
i pray for your unlimited protection from any evil.

love ya and stay safe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “What Don’t Kill Us… (New Yawk)

  1. This type of event makes me rethink going out for Halloween. Especially to those outdoor party’s on the strip, I know somebody is plotting!! Again, another terrorist with ties to Florida.

  2. yeah…idiots are out in force today/tonight. Between that fool running people down and other fools robbing, attacking unsuspecting NYers…definitely a night to stay in.

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