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blame the lil’ intercourse you had with another guy on the vodka? the henny? the goose? hell, the weed?

likka and weed really lower our inhibitions.
we tend to get comfortable and reveal who we really are while on it.
i’ve heard that brown likka can really get the party started.

cheat code: you want me open af,
give me dusse.

this is why when some dl males are looking to hook up with gay males,
they always ask:

“You got smoke?

sometimes they are comfortable until they get some liquid and smoke courage.
the following straight male got so fucked up,
he ended up having to explain why he had just a lil’ intercourse with another male.
he had his baby mama on a live broadcast to help his case.
a foxholer sent me this video from “fly height“…

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Aunt Wendy Ain’t Going Down That Easy (Well…)

i’ve seen some disturbing shit in my young life,
but this was a doozy.
no pun intended.
so wendy williams collapsed on live tv today.
this is how it went down.
no pun intended…
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No Place Is Safe Anymore (Survive)


a day after the tragic shootings in orlando and i was a paranoid summabitch.
when i got to work this morning,
i thought about if some gun toting psycho was to bust through the door.

what would i do?
where would i go?
how would i handle it?

in my mind,
i would be an “x-man” and fly out the window.
or i would be the second best thing next to jason statham.
all those outcomes don’t equal what would happen in reality.
the place where shit really happens.
you know what kills me?…
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SL-NFL-Helmet-Logosthe nfl baller wolves are back!
ring the alarms and get some snacks.
the pre season football games for your friday night!

Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguars   19:30 Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguars

New York Jets vs Detroit Lions   19:30 New York Jets vs Detroit Lions

New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles   19:30 New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers   20:00 Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers

Houston Texans vs Minnesota Vikings   20:00 Houston Texans vs Minnesota Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints   20:00 Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints

Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers   20:00 Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers

Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders   22:00 Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders

x click here to all games LIVE

*click name of game you want to watch on site,
you should see “link”.
when you click there will be an ad.
let it load and hit close.

Would You Put That Soft Slimey Thing In Your Mouth?

tumblr_lkq4jdouuc1qatzgco1_500they say you have to kiss enough frogs before you meet your prince.
can i get a rough estimate?
well on a totally different topic,
and side of the world,
people in japan are eating live frogs as sushi

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