August Turned Into Fall Real Quick

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.39.30 PMso my f-bi has been updating me with this story all day.
thank ya!
our favorite ratch-eteer,
august alsina,
passed out at a concert he was having in new yawk last night.
of course there is video of his fall from grace

giphyi wonder if some asshole asked if he gonna get up and finish?
his bodyguard,
terrance holloway,
released a statement on instagram for his stans:

“Hey everybody! Asina nation; all our auggies! This big T… just letting everybody know that yungin’ is OK and making a full recovery… He was super dehydrated. he’s good, he’s stable, and sleeping like a baby! He gave me a thumbs up b4 I walked out of his room. I know y’all love my goon just as much as I do. Thank you for all ya prayers, tweets, IG love and all that. NY we owe u a few more songs… be back soon. Love

“-Big T”

…well thank god the bodyguard,
and not his publicist,
released that statement for us.
here i thought he felt weak about the sales chris brown might get.
tumblr_inline_n4tc4vsas01szgq6nsorry august.
couldn’t resist.
…but dehydration tho?
i won’t lie and say i didn’t think he got a hit of some bad weed.
you know other celebs claimed “dehydration” before checking into rehab.
either way i’m glad to hear he is okay!
nice tail btw.

lowkey: alsina nation?
anyway here is the remix video for “no love” feat. nicki minaj:

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  1. No lie jamari every time Im close to the edge of the subway platform I’m scared some shit like that will happen.

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