Kick In The Door, Wavin’ The… (Aaah Whatever)

tumblr_n0v8x1GFzq1r787hmo1_500i literally walked in the door like a couple minutes ago.
yes i know…
so my boss hired a new older wolf to work in our team.
i spent the majority of the day training him.
liar liar was supposed to,
but she unofficially checked herself out of that duty.
ill explain why later…
so the older wolf is replacing the other wolf who left couple weeks ago.
thank god for that because i’m over all this work.
i actually love training people,
plus i needed him to be broken in the right way.
by “broken in”,
i mean follow my rules before my boss or that hoe get to him.

tumblr_mxcrpwVWYB1stkt30o1_500he is actually really cool tho.
2 kids.
doesn’t look like he is in his mid 40s at all.
definitely hood,
but he has the “don’t fuck with me and vice versa” mentality.
i kept everything i wanted to say about the people to myself.
i felt it coming,
BUT i knew that would be unprofessional.

my boss decided to spring on us that we had to assist a work related event.
duties: checking people in.
hence liar liar’s attitude after she found out the “devastating” news.
well that event ended up stretching until 700-ish.
while she was having an attitude,
i was being my usual pleasant self even though i was exhausted.
one of the supervisors from another department noticed this,
complimented me on being so upbeat,
and gave me a tray of pastries to take home.
liar liar would have gotten some,
but she stormed out of there without even saying goodbye.
i got her tray as well.
tumblr_mbdnkbjqn41qjjd59o1_500too bad.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Kick In The Door, Wavin’ The… (Aaah Whatever)”

  1. It was good that one of the other supervisors noticed things. Hopefully, she will report liar liar. Giving attitude in public is bad for business, a company’s bottom line. This could lead to her demise as well as that of your boss who protects her.

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