“The Trap” Meet Beyonce. Beyonce Meet “The Trap”.

beyonce released her new music finally.
i was getting worried.
everyone get a taste of what she is bringing this season.
i think you all may like it…

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/82541328″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

i won’t lie,
this shit goes super hard.
her verse isn’t bad either.
i like that slow down shit.
too bad i don’t lean because this shit makes you want to get crunk.

what yall think?

lowkey: she just put hit boy on the map producing this track:


everyone gonna try to get a record from him now.
he was also on the scream n shout remix.

28 thoughts on ““The Trap” Meet Beyonce. Beyonce Meet “The Trap”.

  1. I can’t with her identity crisis. One minute she is all “all my ladies, independent, throw your hands up at me.” Then “she running the world with her girls.” Now she cursing in her pop/rap songs and telling b$;:/-& to bow down. She just has no identity to me and no originality. If she can’t beat ’em, she joins them [shakira, lady gaga]. I agree with Keyshia, even tough she is hood and stay popping ISP.

  2. Jamari, it is so weird. Me and my best friend were on the train talking about this last night. I think the reason she’s been going so hard lately with all this promo is because Rihanna’s been on her ass lately. I don’t think Bey expected 4 to flop the way it did. And the fact that Rihanna released an album that same year (Talk That Talk) and it outsold hers, selling 5 million copies WW. And the album preceding that sold 7 million WW (Loud). Her die hards hated it, and I’m sure it made her a little more worried than expected.

    I personally loooove the song. I will say it is “pour it up” meets “phresh off the runway”. I literally was talking to my best friend about this last night and how it does sound like something on ‘unapologetic’ x 10. I think if rihanna would put more effort into her vocals and musical career she could get music of this quality tho. It’s like Beyonce took her style and showed her how to do it in a way.

    1. ^i completely agree with you.
      i like it because she finally did something out of the box.
      i didn’t expect it.
      the production is bananas.

      i do feel like she is a little nervous.
      rih is successful and coming hard on her heels.
      it’s one thing to direct this song towards brandy,
      and of course keri…

      .. but rih,
      and lets for forget “E.G.O missing the T” adele?

  3. Hit Boy been on the map Jamari. But he is gonna blow up even more now. This shit go hard. I was worried too cuz the albun “allegedly” comes out April 11th and the tour kicks off April 15th and I was wondering when some music along with a video was coming out. I heard this is just for promo tho. Bow down bitches!

    She just shitted on every female in the game post ’00
    Name em’ they were just shitted on lol

    1. ^actually run,
      everyone is saying how rihanna has her shook.
      the general hate for this promo is that she is:

      1) too old for this
      2) it doesn’t sound good coming from
      3) it’s why people think she is cocky and will soon get some humble pie releasing a song like this.
      4) a very weak song

      i had to investigate the general opinion of this track.
      i was surprised people hated it.
      i like it because it is finally a change from her usual.
      if people realized that bey and rih are actually allies,
      than enemies,
      they would stop this dumb ass competition between them.
      they are both on the same team.

      1. That’s what you think. Have you ever heard of frenemies? They are competing on the low. She is too old for this, and like I said before we all know it’s not who she really is.

        1. ^lets hope all this competition brings out the good material by april for this tour.
          i wonder what music she will tour on?
          what is this album flops?
          what if people hate her new material?
          she shouldn’t have announced a tour without an album + new music out.

          she copped all the stans money so too late for a refund.

      2. It is going to flop. We want R&B from her, not this rap and pop shit. We want to hear her use her vocals.

  4. She crashed that flow.

    If you don’t listen to shit like DJ Screw, UGK, etc you won’t really be into this.

    They are going to play the hell out of this in Texas. Just the fact she stepped out of her comfort zone and tried something this left field has me excited for her new music.

    Looking back has anyone ever liked Beyonce’s initial singles from her projects anyway?

    1. That’s exactly what it should be. I hope she doesn’t make the same mistake she did with 4. I really think the overall sales of the album would’ve been different had she leaded with End of times then Dance for you

  5. I don’t think some of this mess is gonna be on her album…
    Why would she flip up her style at the end of her run??
    I don’t think the fans/stans are really going like this!
    Even though Bey WILL/CAN find a way to make it work, I don’t think this type of music has global appeal

      1. The lyrics were pure shit. It’s like she is trying to keep up with everyone else.

      2. Ratchet does not work for everyone when it comes to music. It’s not B, and she knows it. I just imagined what I would be like if I was ratchet lol.

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