NBA Allstar Saturday Night Inside My Foxhole!


i love allstar saturday night!
skills challenge.
3 point contest.
dunk contest.
4 camera angles!
foxhole let’s get comfy…

click here to watch all star saturday night

get some popcorn!

lowkey: i love the various camera angles.
you might catch something unexpected.

lowkey: i hope alicia keys doesn’t perform girl on fire tonight.
please lord i beg of you!

10 thoughts on “NBA Allstar Saturday Night Inside My Foxhole!

  1. Thanks for this post! Terrence Ross is handsome…not really, but he won the dunk contest so….hehehehehehe
    Jeremy Evans was kind of handsome too…
    Tyson Chandler has to be the most overall handsome man in the NBA…
    Chris Paul is a cutie too..
    And D-Wade is sexy as HELL!
    That’s all I have…

    1. ^i thought t ross was do able.
      dahntay jones is still fine as hell.
      i saw a ton of cuties I want names for on the sidelines.

      lowkey: was leather this years theme?!

  2. lowkey: i hope alicia keys doesn’t perform girl on fire tonight.
    please lord i beg of you! Fucking Dead, how come people are saying this girl is on fire as well as this girl is off key. Sorry Alicia fans, but this chick is the most overrated singer of this generation. Her piano is much better than her vocals IMO. She strains like hell to sing this song live.

    1. I love Alicia !!!! At least she is singing live!!!! And she can play an instrument !!!! Any old chick can dance and shake her azz!!!

    1. ^man will poison you ronnie.
      that’s his husband.

      carmelo is looking real nice.
      real nice.
      lebron must be hot in these leather sleeves.
      chris paul looks good as hell.
      kyrie irving… come and talk to me for a while.

      where the wives at?

      1. Ok, ok. Y’all can have your MEAT. Just give me Paul. I want him so bad lol. Even getting a chance to hit that ass will do it for me.

    2. Yea Paul is my baby, but I found out he has a girl th and not to menton she is a Becky. I was crushed and hurt lol. Sike naw. I was aight.

      He was horrible in the three point contest. That’s not his specialty. He’s not consistent enough to be in a contest like that. He still is one hell of a player. Love Paul.

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